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Kick The Habit!

Crush Out Cigarettes Forever

stop smoking cd

Ericksonian Hypnosis sessions combined with proven NLP techniques and an affordable price add up to one attractive package. If you've recently decided that it's about time you kicked the habit, then you'll want to take a closer look at "Kick The Habit!"

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Urge To Exercise!

Everyone knows that exercise will tone up your muscles so you look better. And it will dramatically speed up your weight loss. This is a Powerful addition to your weight loss arsenal. You will look like a superstar!

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Reframe Emotional Eating!

Everyone eats for relaxation and pleasure, and because they have unconsciously associated foods with other activities where it doesn't belong: Like watching TV or working on their computer.

But some people have a compulsion to eat for emotional reasons. If you are able to lose weight, but soon find that you lose your motivation and feel compelled to eat until you put all the weight back on, then this program can help you break that cycle and lose weight permanently.

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I Lost Weight!

Full power hypnosis sessions with an economy price! I Lost Weight! contains hypnosis sessions for appetite control and exercise motivation in one package. You'll not only be able to lose weight without willpower, but you'll also have the tight body that you want because you will feel highly motivated to exercise.

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Slim & Sexy Weight Loss Package!

Lose Weight Through Hypnosis CDsAudio & Video Hypnosis

 & NLP Program

The combo package saves you money over purchasing the programs individually.

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Kick Bacc!

Smokeless Tobacco Cessation

The smokeless tobacco addiction is every bit as dangerous and devastating as an addiction to cigarettes - maybe even more so.  

Glamorized by sports heroes who dip or chew, many have started their addiction as early as the age of 9. And by the time that many of these youngsters turn 18, they are devastated by mouth and throat cancer. 

There is nothing quite as ugly as a face ravaged by tumors or cancer, except maybe how the victim's face looks after having surgery to amputate the jaw bone, lips, or tongue. Unfortunately, in most cases the surgical massacre of the victim's face really doesn't matter, because they are dead within a year anyway.

The experts tell us that the physical addiction to Nicotine is broken after abstaining for seven days. However, the psychological addiction is much stronger and takes a lot more effort to overcome.

Kick Bacc! uses the most powerful NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis techniques to help you kick this awful habit without having to suffer from the powerful psychological urges and compulsions.

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