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Video Instructions How To Share A WebPage


Hello, I'm Alan B. Densky,

Thank you for your interest in the Threshold Subliminal downloads exchange. I have over 100 downloads to share with you. The process is very simple, here is how it works:

  • For Each $19.77 Threshold Subliminal that you want to receive for FREE (Limit 5 per person per month), Publicly 'Share' a different Neuro-VISION.us web page to your Timeline on either Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. Any webpage that has the share buttons on the left side of the page is acceptable for this exchange.

  • After you've Shared those webpages, Return to This Page to start the ordering process. Do NOT use the "Subliminals" icon that is located on the top of every webpage on this website, because those icons lead to a shopping cart that requires a monitary payment

  • Start the ordering process by clicking this link: Click here to Start Shopping for the Free Subliminals

  • Supply the exact link to your Timeline (where you've posted the www.Neuro-VISION.us webpages), in the shopping cart at checkout in Exchange for the free subliminal recordings.

  • A button for Video Instructions that demonstrate how to share a page is located near the top of this page.

  • Note: this page will remain open while you Share webpages.


Video Web Page Sharing Instructions