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Abolish Facial Tics


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Facial Tics Are Embarrassing, for Children, and Adults. You can feel peaceful!

Facial tics, also known as mimic spasms, may happen to children all the way through to adulthood. 

Facial tics consist of repeated spasms such as blinking of the eyes, twitching, nose wrinkling, throat clearing, grunting, etc. This kind of involuntary behavior may leave you feeling a bit embarrassed in public. Overall they may leave you feeling helpless because of your inability to control certain parts of the body. 

A stress-free environment can reduce or even eliminate tics completely, without the use of medication that may fix the problem, but create many undesirable side effects. Besides, where do you find a stress-free environment in this busy world we live in? 

Accustom your mind to relax naturally by listening to Threshold Subliminal audio technology.

  • Are you facing the everyday struggle against involuntary facial tics?

  • Has it prevented you from following a lifelong dream?

  • Do you feel as if people see your tic(s) instead of seeing the amazing person you are?

  • Have you tried to receive help and nothing seems to work?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are about to find what you've been praying for.

Conditioning your mind to regain control is difficult on your own, and often times medication is thought to be the only solution to reduce involuntary tics. The use of prescription drugs may cause more damage to your body because of harmful side effects. Stimulation of the brain is essential to help strengthen the connection from your brain to different parts of your body.

Listening to a Threshold Subliminal can automatically reprogram your subconscious mind so that you begin to:

  • Feel much more relaxed

  • Feel in control

  • Cause your tic(s) subside

  • Be able to hold a conversation without thinking about your tic(s)

  • Open doors for more opportunities

  • Feel great about choosing a healthier route

  • Start feeling more optimistic

  • Regain confidence


Start living! Stop letting your doubts get in the way of happiness and success.

Threshold Subliminals will quickly replace your negative and limiting inner thoughts with positive and empowering inner thoughts, compelling you to be exactly the person that you want to look like, sound like, feel like, and act like. 

Click Here to Learn What Makes Threshold Subliminals Work When Standard Subliminals Fail

Threshold Subliminal MP3 Downloads Offer a Whole New Approach to Rapid Personal Change! 

The Affirmations are just ABOVE the Threshold of Consciousness, so if you listen carefully you will hear them. 

This Method Makes the Affirmations MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE!

Listening to this particular Threshold Subliminal will program your subconscious mind with the following empowering thoughts:

  • I'm relaxed and calm both mentally and pyhsically

  • I feel peace and tranquility at all times

  • My mind automatically flips from stressful thoughts to relaxing memories

  • My face, head, neck, and shoulders automatically stay relaxed and at ease

  • If I feel the urge to twitch my face, I twitch my toe instead, and that makes me feel a great relief

  • I always think about what I can easily do, rather than what I find difficult to do

  • My mind is always filled with peaceful thoughts

Threshold Subliminal MP3 Downloads Offer a Whole New Approach to Rapid Personal Change! You Will Hear The Affirmations If You Listen Carefully!

What Makes Threshold Subliminals Work When Others Fail

Listen to samples below and then place your order. You will receive an email with a download link within 3 minutes! 

The Affirmations are just ABOVE the Threshold of Consciousness, so if you listen carefully you can hear them. 

This method actually makes the Affirmations MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE!

* All recordings run between 19 and 24 minutes in length. They can be looped to make them run indefinitely as background music. Pick out the music / cover sound that you like. Then download and enjoy your journey to success!

* Downloads are large, so they MUST be downloaded to a desktop computer where they can be unzipped, before you will be able to move them to a mobile device.

Note: The affirmations in all of the Sample Files are for Stress Reduction. The affirmations in the files that you order will be as listed above.

Subliminals To Relax To

Piano Moods # 1


Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

In Stock

Piano Moods # 2

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

Out Of Stock

Piano Moods # 3

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

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Piano Moods # 4

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

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Ocean Waves

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

In Stock

Binaural Beats

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

In Stock

 Upbeat Music

Upbeat # 1

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

Out Of Stock 

Upbeat # 2

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

In Stock

Upbeat # 3

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

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Upbeat # 4

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

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Subliminals You Can Dance To!

RetroRock # 1

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

In Stock

RetroRock # 2

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

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RetroRock # 3

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

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RetroRock # 4

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

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 Exotic Music 

Exotic # 1

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

In Stock

Exotic # 2

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

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Exotic # 3

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

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Exotic # 4

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

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