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Get Motivated

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What is Motivation?

Motivation is the action of inspiring someone or one's self to accomplish something.

In every aspect of life, it is essential to be motivated. This may come easy to some, but for others having someone verbally communicating encouragement to them is necessary to achieve the goals they have set. Having someone there whenever you need them is now possible, with the assistance provided by the Threshold Subliminal audio technology.

  • Are there days where you feel in need for that extra push?
  • Are you a procrastinator?
  • Is the lack of motivation keeping you from achieving your goals and the life you desire?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, let’s get motivated! It may be difficult motivate yourself, especially in areas that don’t really grasp your interest. However the benefit of listening to Threshold Subliminals is that they will automatically reprogram you subconscious mind so that you begin to:

  • Become proactive
  • Advance in life
  • Know your priorities
  • Become more organized
  • Increase confidence
  • Feel Motivated
  • Feel More Driven

Start living! Stop letting your doubts get in the way of happiness and success.

The affirmations included in this recording are:

I am motivated

My motivation comes easily

I get things done early

I complete everything on time

I start every project early

I am happy working

I see the benefits to my work

I am motivated by my own will to succeed

I reward myself for finishing projects

I love my work

I am motivated for every goal

I improve my relationships

I do outstanding work

I am inspired from within

My motivation is greater than the ocean

I am enthusiastic

My success motivates me further

Success is my driving force in life

I prepare for everything

I learn fast

I love applying what I learn

* All recordings run between 19 and 24 minutes in length. They can be looped to make them run indefinitely as background music. Pick out the music / cover sound that you like. Then download and enjoy your journey to success!

* Downloads are large, so in most cases they MUST be downloaded to a desktop computer first, where they can be unzipped, before you will be able to move them to a mobile device.

* Listen to the samples below and then place your order. You will receive an email with a download link within  minutes! Please white list our domain '@neuro-vision.us' to ensure that it is not sent to your Spam folder.

Note: The affirmations in all of the Sample Files below are for Stress Reduction. The affirmations in the files that you receive will be as listed above.

Subliminals To Relax To

Piano Moods # 1


Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

In Stock

Piano Moods # 2

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

Out Of Stock

Piano Moods # 3

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

Out Of Stock

Piano Moods # 4

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

Out Of Stock

Ocean Waves

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

In Stock

Binaural Beats

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

In Stock

 Upbeat Music

Upbeat # 1

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

Out Of Stock 

Upbeat # 2

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

In Stock

Upbeat # 3

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

Out Of Stock

Upbeat # 4

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

Out Of Stock 

Subliminals You Can Dance To!

RetroRock # 1

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

In Stock

RetroRock # 2

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

Out Of Stock 

RetroRock # 3

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

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RetroRock # 4

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

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 Exotic Music 

Exotic # 1

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

In Stock

Exotic # 2

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

Out Of Stock

Exotic # 3

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

Out Of Stock

Exotic # 4

Qty:  $29.97 Now $11.95

Out Of Stock 


 Stress Management Hypnosis Tapes GuaranteeYou receive our Exclusive Money Back Guarantee. Try it for 21 days. You must be thrilled or you get your money back!

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