Manifesting Our Desires: What Star Trek and the Holodeck Can Teach Us

For those of you who may not be familiar with Star Trek, let me explain the Holodeck.

StarShipIn this science fiction series, the Holodeck is an advanced piece of technology that is capable of manifesting Holograms. This device can create a perfect simulation of anything and any environment.

In the Star Trek series, the crew members use the Holodeck for manifesting recreation and adventure. They can visit any land, and actually touch and interact with the created objects while in the Holodeck!

In studying about our holographic universe, I studied a bit about the Holodeck. One website said that we humans have no way of projecting holograms like they do in Star Trek.

Of Course We Do! We Are Capable of Manifesting!

We are hologram-creating organisms! We create and project holographic images into the universe on a nearly constant basis. Every time we desire, every time we fear, we are conjuring up events and objects that are real in some dimension, but have not manifest into physical existence.

Our powerful minds create vibrations (energy), which can be measured. When we fantasize, daydream, or otherwise run scenarios through our mind, these impact our lives and the entire universe.

Thoughts are things, as I’m sure you’ve heard by now.

But what does this mean? It means that when we use our imagination we create something that actually exists. I call it a hologram, but you could also call it a pattern, matrix, blueprint, template, or many other names.

Any hologram we consistently create, with emotion and expectation, will begin to materialize. We all have our own personal Holodeck built into our wonderful spirit-bodies. The Holograms we create are real – they are incipient matter!

Incipient means “in an initial stage, or just beginning to happen or develop”.

As humans, we think many random thoughts as we daydream or as our minds wander. Not every imagined scenario comes to pass, but those imagined scenarios that are consistently backed by emotion and imagined regularly WILL attract physical matter to them and become real.

Everything is created spiritually before it exists physically. We call it “real” when it manifests in the physical world for us. But actually, the spirit or “template” or hologram creation is just as real. It’s only in a different realm.

Learning to consciously create with the power of our minds is one of the most important skills we can learn while here on earth.

This is a skill just like any other, and you do become better with practice. Here is a video telling you about Nine Manifesting Secrets and Tools. If you wish for more skill development, check out my Manifesting and Thought Control Audio Package (after you watch the video at the link above).

I hope what I have written will help you to use your mind more powerfully and intentionally. Rehearse those mental images that you do wish to manifest in the physical world.


Christopher Westra on manifesting

Christopher Westra

Bio: Christopher is the author of “I Create Reality: How to Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires”.  He loves to read, write, create websites, and run up mountains for fun. Click here for a video on Nine Manifesting Secrets and Tools



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