What's on the "I Lost Weight!" CD?

Foreword: In the foreword I tell you about myself and my way of helping you become successful.

Session 1: In the office we always go through an educational / consultation session. Session 1 on the CD is the equivalent of that session. I'll explain how the program works. Then I'll tell you about all of the common misconceptions about hypnosis. Session 1 will answer all of your questions.

Session 2: This is your first induction of hypnosis. This session will guide you into a very wonderfully relaxed state where your unconscious mind will be reprogrammed to make you feel much more relaxed at all times. You'll receive suggestions for increased self-esteem. This is a very important part of any appetite control / weight loss program.

You'll receive the programming that is essential to eliminating oral cravings and urges for fattening foods. And your unconscious will be programmed to automatically adopt proper eating behaviors which will make you feel like eating good healthy foods in the appropriate amounts. 

Session 3: This is your second induction, and you'll be led into a profound state of hypnosis where your unconscious mind will be programmed for increased motivation to exercise. Yes, it is possible to actually enjoy exercising.

Exercise doesn't have to mean lifting weights or running, though you can certainly use that type of exercise to help step up your metabolic rate. It can mean a regular brisk walk, or a game of tennis or some other sport that you would enjoy.