'A Mind Like A Sponge!' Program Contents

This program contains:

My Hypnosis Memory CDs are broken down into chapters so that once you have gone through the educational portions of each session, you can easily jump to just the hypnosis and NLP portion of any session.  

Foreword by Alan B. Densky.  I'll tell you a little bit about myself and my way of doing things.  

Session 1: Knowledge Is Power. When clients come into my office, I don't just plop them down in a chair and start a hypnotic session.  Knowledge is power, and it accelerates and amplifies anyone's success.  So in Session 1 we discuss the different therapeutic approaches used in each session; how to obtain the best results; realistic expectations; the common misconceptions about hypnosis; and the difference between a "Patient" and a "Client".

Session 2: This is the first induction of hypnosis, and I utilize gentle methods to guide you into a blissful, deep state of relaxation. Suggestions for increased concentration, retention, and the ability to easily recall information are offered to the unconscious. 

Session 3: Hypnotic Behavior Generator. In this session, you are gently led into a very deep state of hypnosis.  NLP techniques to anchor feelings of confidence and self-esteem are utilized. You are programmed to unconsciously transplant those feelings from the past, to his/her ability to learn and recall in the present.  

The unconscious is then given instructions to create behaviors that will cause you to have the ability to become totally absorbed in study and oblivious to the external world.  This causes complete concentration when studying.

Finally, the unconscious is programmed to give the student the ability to be totally calm, relaxed, and disconnected when taking tests or examinations, so that all information studied is easily and completely recalled.

Session 4: Advanced induction of hypnosis.  I explain how Ericksonian Hypnotic Metaphors work, and how process instructions work.  Then I use a metaphor to create and deepen the hypnotic state and direct the unconscious mind to make you pay attention during class.  

Process Instructions are utilized to guide you into a profoundly deeper state of hypnosis, and offer the unconscious information that will allow it to give you the ability to quickly learn, and then easily recall information, especially during a test or examination. 

Session 5: NLP Technique - Flash Away Stress.  Daily irritations with people and situations are very distracting.  they destroy a person's ability to concentrate.  However, when a person is able to forget about those daily irritations, they become a lot more relaxed, and their ability to concentrate is magnified many times.  

There are very powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques that can be used to "flip" things around in the unconscious, so that thoughts and experiences that used to trigger feelings of stress actually trigger relaxation instead.  In this session you learn how to use NLP visualizations to train the unconscious to automatically eliminate disturbing thoughts and feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. This has a powerful effect on how well one can concentrate.  

The NLP techniques used in this program are the foundation of our Neuro-VISION Video Hypnosis Programs for appetite control and smoke cessation.  With Neuro-VISION, the need to visualize is eliminated because the video does the visualizations for the viewer.

Session 6: Self-hypnosis without the aid of a recording.  If a person wants to permanently overcome stress and increase their ability to concentrate, relaxing with self-hypnosis is very important.  It's not always possible to have access to a CD or cassette player.  In this session you learn how to give the self post-hypnotic suggestions and induce the hypnotic state to produce a profound feeling of relaxation anytime and anywhere.