Your unconscious (subconscious) is the part of your mind that controls your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. And weight loss hypnosis is like a special "telephone" that lets you communicate directly with your unconscious.

You've probably seen this weight loss hypnosis "phone" advertised on many websites across the Internet. So you may be wondering what the difference is between the hypnosis weight loss "phone" that is available on this site, versus the hypnosis for weight loss "phone" that you can purchase on the other sites.

We've all had the experience of speaking on a cheap telephone or cell phone that is filled with static. The interference made it very difficult to communicate with the person on the other end and get your point across. And we've all had the experience of speaking on a quality phone with a nice quiet line as well. It makes communicating much easier.

There are many different self-hypnosis "phones." For the purpose of this discussion there is:

The Traditional Self-Hypnosis "phone," which is a cheaply made "phone." The hypnotherapy consists of direct commands and suggestions.

When someone commands you to do something, do you usually do it? Or do you immediately feel a strong resistance and reject the idea like most people of our generation? Maybe you even feel compelled to do the opposite of what you are told to do. If so, then Traditional Self-Hypnosis is not the "phone" of choice for you.

Traditional hypnosis has its place. But it is like a noisy cheap "phone" that is filled with static. Unfortunately Traditional Hypnosis is the only "phone" that most hypnotists can sell you because it is the easiest and cheapest for them to learn to use. And it's the only one they have to offer.

The Ericksonian Hypnosis "phone" is a quality communications device that is more conducive to effective behavioral change. That's because with Ericksonian Hypnosis you don't even know when you are receiving a suggestion. And that makes it very difficult to resist them. But Ericksonian Hypnotherapy takes a great deal of time to learn and master. And it requires that the hypnotist have some real talent as well. Effective Ericksonian Hypnotists are few and far between.

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming "phone." Last but definitely not least the NLP "phone." This is one of the best high quality "communication devices" that money can buy. In the hands of a talented and experienced consulting hypnotist, NLP gets results that are often considered "magical" in nature.

There are even books written about NLP that have titles like "Magic Demystified."

NLP is a tool that is used to negotiate with your unconscious, to get it to utilize the same thought processes that are causing your appetite, to eliminate your appetite!

NLP does not rely on commands or post-hypnotic suggestions, so it is almost impossible to resist it. NLP is a therapeutic form that takes a great deal of time and experience to master. And it takes real talent.

All of my Neuro-VISION weight loss hypnosis programs utilize a small amount of Traditional Hypnosis. 


All of my Neuro-VISION weight loss hypnosis programs utilize a small amount of Traditional Hypnosis. 


But my CDs are more effective because they capitalize on the use of Ericksonian Self-Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.