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Important Note: Some of these quit smoking hypnosis reviews are brand new, and some are quite old. The old hypnosis reviews prove that my technologies are not a "flash in the pan," and that they have stood the test of time. My programs work! 

The Clients on this page viewed my 'Quit Smoking In A Flash!' program to attain their success.

Ex-Smoker Mark | Quit Smoking Hypnosis



5 Star Rating I quit smoking after 14 years. It really works! I would highly recommend Neuro-VISION to anyone who wants to quit smoking! It has absolutely changed my life! 

-- Mark Miller


Ex-Smoker Marie | Stop Smoking Hypnosis




5 Star Rating Now I'm not smoking, and made it easy to quit.  "I'm saving money, and I fit in with the crowd and I feel great!" 

-- Marie DiStephano


Ex-Smoker John | Quit Smoking Hypnotism




5 Star Rating "I smoked 60 years, and I averaged two to three cartons a week.  This is the amazing thing about Neuro-VISION, I watched Neuro-VISION for 1/2 hour, then I was offered a cigarette and I didn't want it, and I haven't wanted one since. There was no withdrawal, you just feel so relaxed, there's no craving, and the nice part about it, you don't gain any weight!"  -- John Hadley


Ex-Smoker Julie | Quit Smoking By Hypnosis



5 Star Rating I quit. The video is excellent.  It's really is very relaxing.  I feel it was definitely worth the money!"  -- Julie Currie


Ex-Smoker Ruth | Hypnosis CDs



5 Star Rating "I was smoking 3 packs a day for 35 years, and now I'm flabbergasted!  If I get put under any stress I see this Neuro-VISION flash into my mind and it takes it right away.  I feel completely free of cigarettes.  I do not have the slightest craving for cigarettes at all."  -- Ruth Chrisman


Ex-Smoker Ron | Hypnosis Tapes



5 Star Rating "I smoked about 3 packs a day for better than 30 years. I didn't believe that anything could make me stop smoking after that long.  I've never had one cigarette from the first time I saw Neuro-VISION. It was well worth the money."  --Ron Galic

5 Star Rating Dear Mr. Densky,

I wanted to write and let you know, all these years later, how pleased and thankful I am for the gift you gave me when you cured me of smoking through your hypnosis.

I was doubtful it would work but was desperate, having tried everything else to no avail. But, sure enough you told me that I would. not have to return after 4 or 5 visits, and that I would never smoke again.

I must say I found that funny, since each time I left your office the first thing I did was light up a cigarette. But, this trip, white I chuckled, explaining to my husband what a joke it was to think I would never smoke again, and how we had wasted our time and money. But, Io and behold, I did not ever light up again ... and what is more I cannot be in the company of anyone who smokes and can pick a smoker out of a crowd like a blood hound.

I am so grateful because I have asthma; I am sure from my smoking habit; and other ailments too.

It's hard telling how long I would live if I had never touched the darn things. I smoked for 33 years and it was Lauren Bacall in some movie my friends and I went to that got us to go buy a pack and practice ... we were 15. I didn't smoke in front of my parents, which kind of slowed down the effect, but when I got older I smoked more.

At any rate, thank you, you probably added years to my life, as I will be 82 in July. Thank you.


Vernalea (Annie) Stevens - Ft. Myers, FL March 2015




5 Star Rating Yes, Yes. Yes. This took me by complete surprise. I had tried the patch along with the nicotine gum. I have tried to quit off and on the past 20 years. 

Now I do not even think about smoking. I am around smokers occasionally and I am not bothered by others smoking. I never thought I could go through a day not thinking about cigarettes. After watching the Neuro-Vision DVD for 21 days all my cravings dissipated and about 45 days later I had a full day of not even thinking about smoking. Not once did my brain crave it. 

My total weight gain as of 10 months later (I quit on Easter 2009) is about 8 pounds. Nothing a little exercise can't take care of. I am elated. I feel great and feel I have won the war with this addiction. 

Thanks so very much,  
Linda Levesque - Springvale, ME - January 2010



5 Star Rating Dear Mr. Densky,

This is probably one of the weirdest things I have ever done to quit smoking, and it worked! I cannot tell you how glad I am that it helped me. My story below if you are interested.
Over the years, my best girlfriend and I had tried to quit smoking together using Zyban, hypnosis at a group seminar, guilt, and shear willpower to quit smoking. Neither of us really liked the chains that bound us but we both thoroughly enjoyed the feeling we got when we smoked. Both of us being very strong personalities, this did not equate with being tied to a cigarette. The costs were getting so bad that we were spending $200 a month on cigarettes and complaining that we wanted to make more money to go do things like have dinner out and go shopping. Another scenario that did not compute: Nothing ever worked for longer than about a week or two, once for me a month.

So now that my best girlfriend was sitting in the hospital with three areas of cancer, not smoking and her husband started smoking again along with her sister, mother and other dear friend, I did not want to leave her side. I decided that I was not going to be one of the friends and family members running outside with the group for a smoke and leaving my friend in her room alone. So I scoured the Internet for the most complex, complete and powerful "systems" on the market that included hypnosis. 

I told my girlfriend that I would quit smoking so that I could be with her without needing to go smoke and desert her. I wanted to have this "system" at my disposal so that I could use it over and over if I needed to without having to call and make an appointment and try to get in and get time to go to a session. What a pain. Not something I would take time out to do for myself or anyone else. 

Of course, Neuro-Vision hypnosis and flash therapy was what I found. It was the most complex, integrated system including hypnosis that I had ever found. I knew that hypnosis was what I wanted because I just did NOT want to suffer. I was really over the relationship with my cigarettes but did not want to suffer the pain of quitting. I am anxious enough, I did not need the pressure of withdrawals. 

So I bought it. I figured even if I didn't smoke for 2 weeks I would have earned the $50 a week back by not smoking so it was not hurting me financially. Then after a few weeks of not smoking, I thought this was pretty cool and maybe, just maybe I would set another goal for myself to earn an Iphone. My birthday was coming up, 45 years old and I have been wanting an Iphone so badly but couldn't justify the money. Ha. But I could justify the $50 a week on cigarettes. Amazing 

So, I watched the DVD and had been doing the Audio for a few days prior anyway that I received immediately over the internet. And again being surprised at the hypnosis session being so different than what I had done prior. Then right afterward that evening, I was watching a movie with my family and I got up from the couch, grabbed my glass of wine and went to be back door to hang out and smoke. It was a very intense section in the movie. We all stopped and wondered what I was doing, including me. I didn't have the urge to smoke and was able to go back to the couch, but the habit of going to the door and smoking a cigarette was so ingrained that I went to the door anyway. We all laughed at that one. 

So now I am 45 years old on Thursday, November 5th, and have not smoked a cigarette for 8 weeks. I have had a couple of events that were really scary health wise for me and arguments and situations that I normally would have smoked my way through, but have not. I have been able to visit "comfortably" with my friend in the hospital and at home without the need to escape for that cigarette. 

I have a very cool Iphone that I use daily and can write off as an expense as I am also an independent mediator. I have a LOT more money in my pocket that I notice when I go to get cash out of my wallet; I have cash because I haven't spent it on cigarettes. 

I also have two very young grandkids 17 months and 4 months old that I do not have to run away from to have a cigarette. And I can do all of this, for the most part, comfortably. 

I know that I have the DVD and audio at my fingertips if I need them. And don't get me wrong, there are some intense "moments," no longer than moments though, that I want to smoke. I know if I have one, I will be hooked once again and have thus far refrained. I have learned that it is my decision and I now have the ability to make a good decision and not feel so overwhelmingly drawn to making the one that will keep me in chains. Then I will be saving all this money for a vacation with my husband of 27 years, and more now hopefully that I have quit smoking. 

Thank you for uncapping the mind. 
Jamie M. Mazzeo -- November, 2009



5 Star Rating I'm delighted to submit this testimonial as to the efficacy of the Neuro-Vision "Quit Smoking in a Flash!" program.

I was a smoker for 30+ yrs and approximately 2 years ago I began in earnest to seek a permanent solution to my smoking addiction. I started using the patch combined with an anti-depressant used to help diminish cigarette cravings & joined a national organization's smoking cessation support group.

I have also tried a Laser Therapy Center and was told I just didn't have a strong enough desire to quit, after I went thru the laser treatment twice and relapsed. 

I purchased & listened to several stop smoking hypnosis CD's faithfully each night for weeks at a time that had been purchased via the Internet.

I went to a highly recommended and very expensive Chinese acupuncturist trained in China, now practicing here in the US.

I was determined to quit by any means possible and I admit that I was quite skeptical of this method. I smoked my last cigarette earlier that day watched the video several times that evening and and listened to the CD.

I am happy to report that I'm smoke free for 35 days and have been exposed to numerous active smokers yet I have had no desire to bum a cigarette, which until now has always been my relapse trigger.

The DVD with the visual imagery seems to work best for my personal style of learning and the CD's with the imbedded metaphors seem to compliment it nicely. I now feel confident that I can lick this and will continue to use the video and CD regularly or as often as necessary to insure that I am smoke free for life. 
John G Baker

5 Star Rating I was a smoker for 23 years and i was very hooked on it. it was like my friend - a bad friend.

i found your web about a year ago and even though i was skeptical, i ordered your neurovision to quit smoking about a year ago. i wanted to quit for a long time, but i always got too nervous and started eating too much.

i quit smoking the second time that i watched your video and it was pretty easy. none of my family or friends could believe it because I was smoking 2 packs a day! i couldn't even believe it myself.

i still love listening to the hypnosis sessions because they make me very relaxed and comfortable and i can fall asleep fast now and before i always had a problem with that.

i want to get your phobia program next because I've always had a problem driving my car over bridges and i want to fix that.

Thanks for helping me quit smoking. -- Meghan Wilson

5 Star Rating Thanks for offering your Neuro-vision stop smoking program. I ordered it and it really helped me to quit smoking about 7 months ago. And it turned out to be a lot easier than I thought -- and I didn't even gain any weight, which is hard for me to believe.

All in all it was a very pleasant process and I still listen to the CD's for relaxation. Thanks! -- Martin Hoffman


 5 Star Rating I purchased the quit smoking DVD in November and quit smoking the day after Thanksgiving with no struggle or discomfort.

I was a pack and a half a day smoker and have smoked for over 30 years. You could say I am a total believer in your program, it was a miracle for me. I also went to a New Years Eve and had a few drinks and was not even tempted ( the ultimate test in a smokers book).

I am hopeful to lose some weight and have the desire to exercise this time around.

Thanks Karen