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Amazing Weight Loss Webinar

Neuro-VISION® dieter on scale Webinar

Amazing Secrets Of 
Becoming Slim & Sexy

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I Want to Lose

My Problems Are

Recommended Program

Under 15 lbs

I eat from stress, urges and cravings. (Conditioned Responses)

I Lost Weight!

15 – 20 lbs

I eat from stress, urges and cravings. (Conditioned Responses) and I can easily visualize and make mental movies.

Vaporize Your Appetite!

15 – 50 lbs

I eat from stress, urges and cravings. I have a poor imagination, or just want the strongest appetite suppression available without a prescription.

Lose Weight In A Flash!

Neuro-VISION® Video Hypnosis Treatment

15 – 150 lbs

I always come up with lots of excuses to not follow through and do what I need to do to lose.

Reframe Emotional Eating!


I need extra motivation to exercise.

Urge To Exercise!

15 – 150 lbs

I need all the help I can get and I want to save money. I want the very best deal you offer!

Slim & Sexy!  

Combo Package


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