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Personal Development's owner Michael McGrath had three different independent reviewers put Neuro-VISION to the test in 2006.  

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Neuro-VISION - Weight Loss

Neuro-VISION by Alan B. Densky is a 6 session video and audio hypnosis program that utilizes some powerful NLP techniques to control your appetite.

The program comprises of a DVD+R Video Hypnosis recording and 2 cds with instructions, hypnosis and nlp techniques that Densky says can be used to suppress your appetite.

There are a lot of instructions. Session 1 of CD1 is filled with them. However, I have tried many different kinds of diets and exercise regimes and thought that I would follow this program exactly as directed and this meant listening to all the recordings.

As Densky states at the start of the program, once you get your hands on it, all you want to do is jump straight into the hypnosis sessions. However, although these instructions and the explanations for overeating where not entirely new to me, they were presented in such a way that altered how I viewed their importance.

Once you have listened to Alan's well delivered explanations of weight loss, appetite suppression and hypnosis you have a solid foundation to use the hypnotic sessions.

It's when you come to session 2 that the fun begins. You are directed into a hypnotic state where you are given post hypnotic suggestions to build your self-esteem (a lack of which is a big factor in being overweight).

This hypnotic session is pleasant and uplifting.  Although I have tried hypnosis sessions for self-esteem that are much better, this approach is often completely overlooked by other weight-loss hypnosis programs. I do feel that it is a necessary step in any weight-loss system.

Session 3 really starts to get to the power of the program. NLP is introduced and the explanation Densky offers of Ericksonian Hypnotic Metaphors is one of the best I have come across. If it seems a little technical don't worry, the whole point of this approach is to retrain your subconscious mind and you don't need to understand what's going on.

He walks you through a technique called "Crochet" as a hypnotic metaphor. Then once again you are directed to build your self-esteem and Densky shows you how to anchor feelings of self-esteem and release anger. You are then directed to anchor an image of yourself as thin and healthy to your feelings of self-esteem. I cannot stress enough just how powerful this stuff really is!

CD2 begins with yet more explanations! However, after my experiences with the techniques on the first cd I wasn't as frustrated knowing I had to listen to them. On this cd you are brought into a hypnotic trance state where again you anchor self-esteem and there is also a great session to modify your eating habits.

During these sessions Alan Densky doesn't use the normal approach offered by hypnotists and health professionals in the use of his language. Most professionals will talk about you being "overweight" or refer to your "weight problem" in order to avoid resistance. Not so with Densky he says it like it is - you're "fat"! Now at first this brought up a lot of resistance and anger in me. I don't like being called fat and all I wanted to do was run to the pantry and get a cream bun to make me feel better. However, after listening to the self-esteem sessions a few times I felt my anger dissipate and self-esteem increase while using the NLP techniques. So whether Alan has intentionally taken this approach or not doesn't really matter because it does seem to work.

[Editorial note] (This discomfort was experienced by several reviewers all of whom eventually achieved a positive outcome using the NLP techniques).

This benefit alone is enough for me to congratulate Densky for his Appetite Suppression program but there is more on offer!

The program has a DVD+R Video hypnosis session - hence the name Neuro-VISION. It is a visual form of NLP that flashes video images that start slowly and then build momentum. Although it is not hypnosis you will find yourself entering a fairly deep state of eyes-opened hypnotic trance (yes it is possible just think of all those funny hypnosis shows you have watched!).

Most of the images are designed to reprogram your eating habits and they do have a profound effect. I found myself pushing away a half finished dinner and refusing my favorite chocolate, cream-filled bun. This may not sound that impressive but for me it was a life-altering experience.

Neuro-VISION gives a lot for the money - Hypnosis, NLP and Video Hypnosis.

Ok, so you get a lot for your money, but does it work?

Simple answer - yes, if you follow the program! . . . . 

Did I get the results I wanted?

You bet I did! Even after the first session I could see the difference in my cravings and the way I viewed food.

This is not a crash-course in weight-loss. You will not lose 50 pounds in a few weeks but you will gain something much more beneficial. Your entire view of food and your eating habits will dramatically change. You will begin to treat food in the same manner as naturally thin people, you will stop overeating and binging on unhealthy fatty food and therefore you will lose weight!

All this will happen without the effort and strain of dieting or starving yourself. It just seems natural! The added benefit of increased self-esteem and a calmer outlook makes you feel better on the inside as well as looking better on the outside.

Neuro-VISION Lose Weight In A Flash!