Vaporize Your Appetite!

The CD programs and the MP3 Download programs are divided into chapters so that once you have gone through the educational portions of each session, you can easily jump directly to the hypnosis or NLP portion of any session.  

Foreword by Alan B. Densky.  I'll tell you a little bit about myself and my way of doing things. 

Session 1: Knowledge Is Power. I explain all of the techniques that you will be learning and answer all of your questions. 

Did you know that people are constantly aborting their progress by saying and thinking the wrong things to themselves?  For example, "I'm not going to eat that," is actually a command to your unconscious to create a compulsion to make you eat! 

You will learn how to think and talk to yourself so that you program your unconscious to create the feelings and behaviors that you want, instead of the ones that you don't want.

Session 2: This is the first induction of hypnosis, and I utilize gentle methods to guide you into a blissful, deep state of relaxation.  I program your unconscious to give you a tremendous feeling of self-esteem whenever you do anything that will make you lose weight.  This creates the powerful motivation that will give you a compulsion to reject fattening foods, and to exercise. Motivation is the key to your success .

Session 3: Advanced induction of hypnosis.  I use an Ericksonian metaphor to create and deepen your hypnotic state. Then I direct your unconscious mind to eliminate cravings, urges, and compulsions so that your appetite to overeat is vaporized!  You will lose your weight without having to depend on willpower! Your motivation to do everything necessary to lose weight is strongly reinforced because motivation is the key to your permanent success. 

Session 4: Excessive eating and drinking is all about seeking relaxation and pleasure. Putting something into your mouth relaxes you! In this session, you enter a profound state of hypnosis. Then I program your unconscious to substitute pleasant memories and fantasies in place of food and drink. This makes you feel the relaxation and pleasure that your mind and body is seeking without consuming food.

It's simple: When your unconscious makes this substitution, you lose your appetite to overeat, you eat a lot less, and you will lose all of your weight.

Session 5: Hypnosis for correct eating habits.  Let's face it, to lose weight, a person must eat the correct foods, in the correct amounts, and adopt behaviors that are conducive to accelerating the metabolism.  

This session utilizes deep hypnosis to program your unconscious to adopt these behaviors.  Because powerful motivation is your key to success, programming for self-esteem to create that motivation is once again reinforced.

Session 6: Conditioned Response type urges are eliminated. Many of your urges and cravings come from the unconscious association that your mind has created between food and activities like: Watching TV; socializing; driving; listening to music; etc.

Using some of the most powerful NLP techniques available, I program your unconscious to "flip" things around in your mind. After this session, activities that used to trigger urges and oral cravings will actually eliminate them!  

Then I use the same techniques to make your unconscious use your stressful thoughts as triggers for relaxing thoughts instead.  

Long story short, you will lose your cravings, urges, and appetite to overeat.  You will eat a lot less. You will lose weight without the need for willpower!

The NLP techniques used in this program are the foundation of our Neuro-VISION®  Video weight loss hypnosis programs.  (With Neuro-VISION®, the need to visualize is eliminated because the video does the visualizations for the viewer.)  In this session, you use these NLP visualizations to train the unconscious to automatically eliminate stress, and conditioned response type urges to eat.