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Weight Loss Hypnosis & NLP 
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for Neuro-VISION Lose Weight In A Flash!



Important Note: Some of these these testimonials are brand new, and some are quite old. The old testimonials prove that my technologies are not a "flash in the pan," and that they have stood the test of time. My programs work! 




Roseanne lost 50 lbs. with Ericksonian Hypnosis CD


ďIíve lost 50 lbs!  I am now half the size I was. I was wearing a size 18, now Iím down to a size 9 and Iím thrilled.Ē  -- Roseanne Liebermann


Stephanie lost 50 lbs. with Alan B. Densky's Hypnosis CDS


"I've lost 50 pounds and have had no trouble maintaining my weight. After a few sessions of Neuro-VISION the cravings disappeared. Before Neuro-VISION my weight had controlled me, now I have control over it.Ē  -- Stephanie Ridgedall


Ken lost 22 lbs. with Hypnosis


ďI wanted something that would last for the rest of my life. Now Iím never hungry! Iím a more relaxed person as well. I feel that the program is exceptional! Itís worked very well for me. Iíve lost 22 lbs. and I feel great about myself!Ē - Ken Hill


Jeanie lost 55 lbs. with Alan B. Densky


"Iíve been on the program for 4 months and Iíve lost 55 lbs.  It was very easy to lose the weight with this program because you lose your compulsion to eat.Ē -- Jeanie Langer


Violet lost 38 lbs with Alan B. Densky


"I lost my cravings for food, I lost my desire to eat all the time.  I've lost 38 pounds, and I went from a Size 22 to an 18. I've kept the weight off. I recommend this program to my friends." --Violet


Leah lost 41 lbs with Alan B. Densky's methods


"At Neuro-VISION I found a program that I could readily adapt to.  I became very motivated, and I did lose the cravings.  I lost 41 lbs., and it's been easy to keep it off." --Leah




Madeline's Weight Loss Hypnosis - 47 Lbs.


"I've lost 47 pounds without really trying, and I get lots of attention now. My husband loves it, he even brags about me. My best decision was to call Neuro-VISION.-- Madeline Denbo


 Walter's Lose Weight With Hypnosis - 60 Lbs.


"Thanks to Neuro-VISION, my compulsion to eat is gone and I've lost my appetite. I feel much more relaxed and much better about my appearance. Today I can live and sustain my 60 pound weight loss, and I feel great."  -- Walter Gratkowski 




I purchased your cd to lose weight. After listening to it, I finally feel like I have some control over my eating. Iíve lost cravings for the fattening foods and have taken control of my eating when I am stressed out. The fact that I can finally sleep the night is also a blessing. When menopause hits, you donít sleep very well. You CD has helped me to stay asleep all night. (Iím not sure if itís your soothing voice or what you are actually saying) The minute I turn the CD on, my whole body gives way and I relax. I have been losing a dress size every 5 weeks. Thank you so much. -- Sharon Coleman - 2007



Hi Alan!

You probably donít remember me, but I was one of your weight loss clients 21 years ago. You used hypnosis and had me watch the Neurovision movies in your office. Boy did that work well. I lost 68 pounds in about 9 months. And guess what - I still practice the selfhypnosis that you taught me and Iíve kept it off.

I was a smoker too. but I didnít want to quit back then,. But because iím having trouble breathing now, about 6 months ago I decided it was time to quit. So I started to look for another hypnotist because I moved out of Florida.

I knew that you had neurovision franchies or something, so I searched for you on the internet and found your website. I was thrilled when I saw that you were selling the videos to the public, because I remember paying you a lot of money to view them at your office - and you wouldnít sell me one to take home when I asked you.

Anyway, I got your neurovision quit smoking program last Jan and it worked as good as your weight loss program. I quit right away and felt relaxed the whole time. So thanks from an old client. -- Mary M. - 2007


Hi, I purchased ĎLose Weight in a Flashí a couple of months ago. I am slowly losing my weight and I donít seem to think about food as much as I use to. I use to wake up each morning and think of what I will eat and would get excited at treats and junk food. I now have to remind myself to eat. This hypnosis has not only helped with the appetite suppression, but also with educating me about why I have cravings and love food. I use to live for food, but now I eat to live only! Thanks for all your work! -- Tasha 


Hello Alan,

I purchased your slim & sexy weight loss programs several months ago and it has really helped me with my weight problem.

I minored in psychology in college, and Iíve even been to a local hypnotist, so I definitely believe in its powers.

And Iíve purchased hypnosis cds from other websites before I found yours, but the first thing that I noticed about your operation is that when I was confused about which program to purchase, I actually got to talk with you on the phone to get my questions answered. This amazed me.

And I was even more amazed when you called me a few weeks after I got your program to follow up on my progress!! I didnít even get that kind of service after I went to a local consulting hypnotist and spent $200.00 for each session.

To make a long story short, the structure of your programs is excellent. Just like the ads on your website say, everyone is different, so everyone needs to see or hear something different in order to make changes. And the great variety of techniques that you use in all of the many sessions that you include in your programs have certainly worked for me.

My appetite began to subside almost immediately. And Iíve felt more relaxed and a lot more motivated to eat only healthful foods and exercise than ever before. So far in the past three months Iíve lost 38 lbs, and its been pretty easy actually. So thanks for everything. And after I get finished losing about another 14 lbs. Iíd like to use your hypnosis for memory program. -- Mavis Sanderson - 2007