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Lose Weight Hypnosis Magic

Lose weight hypnosis is the fastest way to lose weight. It's also comfortable! No willpower is required! Neuro-VISIONĀ® video hypnosis technology offers dozens of benefits over traditional audio hypnosis programs.

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Hypnotic Phenomena are Strange and Amazing

Hypnotic phenomena is an interesting topic. Watching or experiencing the phenomena being elicited can be exciting. Imagine, the hypnotist tells you to extend your arm, and then tells you that it is stiff as a board. Low and behold, your arm is locked at the elbow ans you are not able to bend it or to put it down.

Unfortunately stage hypnotists use these hypnotic phenomena to make it look like they have power over the subject, which they do not. But many people think they do, and this leads to a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis.

Unless we are talking about the elimination of severe pain, or the retrieval of deeply suppressed memories, depth of trance does not matter!

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How To Stop Biting Your Nails

How to stop biting your nails is not as effortless as simply deciding to stop. You have become dependent on this stress reliever. You are addicted to it in much the same way a smoker is addicted to cigarettes.

The fastest and easiest way to stop biting your nails is to eliminate your compulsion to bite your nails.

Hypnosis and NLP have been the methods of choice for eliminating anxiety, stress, and their related symptoms for generations. Learn how nail-biters who have employed these modalities have been very successful at overcoming the nail-biting habit.

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