Feeling Somewhat Jaded?

Are you feeling a little bit weary, tired out, wearied, worn out, fatigued, sapped, spent, drained, played out, worn to a frazzle, shattered, jaded, or burnt out?

To raise that “feel good” energy again, here are a few things, that you might like to try.

Firstly, I will emphasize that these tips are designed to help skip you through, and out the other side, of temporary phases of feeling low. The kind that many of us might experience at different times in our lives.

If you believe that you have a longer range issue, please do seek advice from a professional.

Secondly, everything listed below is not comprehensive and I am certain that many of the following suggestions will conjure up many more ideas for you.

I recommend that you read this piece with that context in mind, simply a short read to help spark a couple new actions that will soon have you feeling energized and motivated to keep stepping forward.

Whenever I’m feeling a bit low-spirited, the first place I look is to my health. Are you getting your daily doses of Vitamin D? How are your sugar levels? Are you sufficiently hydrated? Do you get enough (and good quality) sleep? Is your food up to speed with the needs of your body and lifestyle? Do you move and stretch your body enough?
Time with yourself


Once those basics are in check and a health issue is not the culprit, then we can certainly begin to look for external leverage. Yet, let’s go inward once more, and this time to the mind and soul department.

A few areas to explore and improve with action (as with the mini health check, above), might be opportunities for self-expression and creativity, self-esteem, fun, relaxation, social interaction, love, inspiration, meaning and purpose, perceptions, obligations, commitments, boundaries, ideals and dreams.

Take a quick overview of those points and tune in to how well you’re faring.

Are there conversations you ought to have? Is there something for which you need to make more time? Are there things to which you need to say yes, and more often? Are there things to which you need to say no, and more often? When was the last time you laughed and experienced real connection with another? Have you recently spent enough time with only yourself? Have you recently spent too much time with only yourself? Are you sitting on the fence about a choice you need to make? Are you procrastinating about a decision you want to make? Are you looking too far ahead to focus on any problem at hand?

As you’re reading through, it’s important to reflect honestly and get present to emotions that surface with each item. They are clues to where you might find your life’s energy drains.

This won’t be the first time you have felt this way, right? It might just be that you’re revisiting a trench that you’ve dug before.

Does anything jump out as something that you must change or attend, right now, today? If that’s so, do stop reading and take the action which springs to your mind! This article will still be here for you when you return, and you may well find that you’ll then have stopped digging!

Several of the considerations above might take days/weeks to implement or to improve, others could be handled immediately, with simply a quick phone call or a minor adjustment to your calendar.

Regardless, focus in on the area that you know will give you greatest ascendancy, soonest. You know which it is when you run across it. Only you can pinpoint it! I can only prickle your mind and hope that an effective, powerful action leaps out at you.

When you empower one aspect of your life, there is a flow on effect into many others. Particularly, when you finally tackle that issue you’ve most avoided.


Flow on effect


OK, let’s hop over to a few external facets. Try a few of the following questions, to help pinpoint a trigger that will springboard you out of this slump.

Do you live life like a sprinter instead of a long-distance runner? Are you over-committed? Do you surround yourself with unnecessary clutter? What needs a system, structure or automation, so that you are less often overwhelmed? What are you tolerating that really you mustn’t? Do you react more often than you respond? Do you make enough requests and can you delegate more? Do you have something to look forward to, every day? How can you complete more days with a real sense of satisfaction? For what can you most often feel immense gratitude? What do you most love to do and how can you get to do much more of that?

With any of the above listed, it is easy to do an online search for expansion on the topics. My intention was to present a few thoughts and directions for you to explore.

Often in dark places of the mind we no longer clearly see the obvious. I hope than something very obvious has somersaulted from the page and given you insights into what’s great about your life, right now.

I also hope that you’ve arrived at a well-lit clearing where you can see action that needs to be taken. The kind of action that brings you a step nearer to feeling this way with much less frequency, beginning today.

Thea Westra

Thea Westra

BIO: Listen to Thea Westra’s free 50-minute audio titled 100 Forward Steps Life Power Tips. You also get a free PDF ebook of 179 Forward Steps life power tips, to accompany the MP3. In fact, you get 50 free PDF ebooks!


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Listen to Thea Westra's free 50-minute audio titled 100 Forward Steps Life Power Tips. You also get a free PDF ebook of 179 Forward Steps life power tips, to accompany the MP3. In fact, you get 50 free PDF ebooks!
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