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Part B: Eating is a conditioned response. 

Remember Pavlov? He rang a bell every time that he fed his dogs. After a few repetitions, he could just ring the bell, and the dogs would salivate.

Conditioned Responses

If a person eats and simultaneously watches television, the mind takes a picture of the food in the hand, and connects it to the television. Thereafter, every time the person looks at the television, the mind fills in the missing part of the picture. It flashes an image of the food in the hand, and the person feels a compulsion to eat.

The mental picture of the food may only be at the subconscious level, in other words, the person may not be consciously aware of it. But the image is there, creating a craving for food and a compulsion to eat.

The same thing happens if you eat and drive; or eat and watch other people eat, etc. Pretty soon almost everything causes you to subconsciously see food, and those subconscious images cause you to feel a compulsion to eat.

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