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Here Is What The Professionals Say About The Neuro-VISION Technology

Robert S. Mogyrosy, Ph.D.

Tampa, Florida

"My practice involves the usual services offered by other clinical psychologists.  In addition to these, I have provided the Neuro-VISION Smoking Cessation Program since January of 1989."

"In the past I used hypnosis and various behavioral procedures for smoking cessation.  However, I have found Neuro-VISION to be the most effective approach of any that I have tried.  In fact, with highly motivated, emotionally stable clients it seldom fails."

"I don't actively promote the Neuro-VISION program, but offer it mainly to my regular clients and referrals that I have from them.  I derive a great deal of satisfaction from the success of this approach."

Francis White, Ed.D

Albany, NY

Dr. Francis White, who holds a doctorate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Boston, researched, designed and organized a quit smoking program in the mid-1960's following the death of his father to lung cancer.  He is the founder of the nationally recognized Smokers Anonymous® program which has helped tens of thousands of people to quit the cigarette habit.

"The Neuro-VISION program teaches people, at the subconscious level of mind, how to stop smoking in a more relaxed fashion.  We have incorporated the Neuro-VISION technology into our regular Smokers Anonymous® teaching program, and we feel that it is a most useful cessation tool.  We are quite pleased with the results."

"Neuro-VISION makes the cigarette withdrawal process substantially more navigable.  It helps people change their neurological perceptions of smoking and, consequently, makes it easier for them to quit."