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Self Confidence Hypnosis

Self Confidence by Alan B. Densky is an 7 session audio hypnosis program that utilizes hypnosis and some powerful NLP techniques to develop your self confidence and increase your self esteem in any area of your choosing.

This program involves Hypnosis and NLP recordings on a 2 CD set. The hypnosis and NLP techniques are broken down into sessions which Densky says can be used to increase your confidence.

As with Alan’s highly effective weight-loss Neuro-VISION video hypnosis there are a lot of instructions. CD1 is filled with them. However, as with Neuro-VISION it is advised that you listen to the instructions to get maximum benefit from the program.

There is a good explanation of self confidence on CD1 that will help you get clear on exactly what you wish to achieve from the program. As with all personal development, expectations are important and this also covered. Alan Densky gives some good guidelines on using your own internal self-talk and self evaluation to achieve a higher level of confidence and more success.

A great exercise on track 7 allows you to prepare for your first hypnosis session. This involves a writing exercise in which you write down answers to some important questions. This is an extremely important and powerful part of the program. It will allow you to get clear on exactly where you lack confidence in your life and therefore give you an objective to achieve through the hypnosis sessions.

Before the first CD is finished you are directed into your first hypnotic state. It is relaxing and leaves you in a positive frame of mind but it really is only the beginning.

You are then introduced to NLP. A very good layman’s explanation of anchoring and disassociation is followed by a quick NLP technique for anchoring disassociation and this also sets you up for later sessions that are some of the most powerful available today.

The hypnotic recordings are not as slick as others on the market but the techniques being used and the way in which Densky presents the material and deals with sessions is very professional.
Alan Densky
I also noticed that he uses a type of hypnotic language that relies on the emphasis of certain words. I will not go into the science of this kind of hypnotic language, as a thorough explanation would dilute its effectiveness. I can say that the subconscious mind hears hidden commands in the hypnotist's speech. This is completely safe but profoundly powerful. The only other hypnotist, that I know of, who uses this technique in an effective way is Paul McKenna so Alan Densky is in good company.

The Ericksonian metaphors and Process Instructions, called “heavy equipment” and “The Old Lion” are excellent. These kinds of metaphors are designed to retrain the subconscious mind through the use of stories. Although you may not see the connection between the stories and your objective, your subconscious mind understands completely at a deep emotional level.

NLP is used to anchor self esteem, self confidence, become disassociated from negative feelings and reduce stress.

Self Confidence is more than just a hypnosis CD.

You get a guide throughout who helps you get clear on what you want from the program so that you can utilize the powerful techniques given to your best advantage. Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP, process instructions and some great explanations of what they are and how they work is an added bonus that is lacking in many similar CD sets.

If you follow the program and listen to the sessions you will get some great results!

There are hypnosis sessions on the market that use binaural beats and some very sophisticated methods for entering deeper trances but, as always, that is not the reason for listening. We are only interested in getting results!

If you want a relaxing hypnosis CD then we would advise you to purchase a different title. However, if you want to increase your self confidence and build your self esteem then get this CD from