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Part B: Smoking is a conditioned response. 

Remember Pavlov? He rang a bell every time that he fed his dogs. After a few repetitions, he could just ring the bell, and the dogs would salivate.

If a person smokes and simultaneously drinks a cup of coffee, the mind takes a picture of the cigarette in the hand, and connects it to the cup of coffee. Thereafter, every time the person has a cup of coffee, the mind fills in the missing part of the picture. It flashes an image of the cigarette, and the smoker gets a craving for one.

You may be unaware of the mental picture of the cigarette, because it may only be at the subconscious level. But the image is there, creating a craving for a cigarette.

The same thing happens if you smoke and drive; smoke and watch TV; smoke and have a drink, etc. Pretty soon, almost everything causes you to subconsciously see a cigarette, and those subconscious images cause you to feel a compulsion to smoke.

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