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5 Star Rating I no longer have the performance anxiety attacks

By Tina

Tina no longer has panic attacksI was having a terrible time with performance anxiety, which is a major hinderance when one is a musician. I have battled it my whole life. I had the opportunity to play fiddle in a few local bands and was beginning to start my anxiety routine.

I sent a query to you asking if you had a recommendation for performance anxiety, and since it was listed at a price that I could afford, I downloaded the program that you suggested, loaded the mp3 on my mini mp3 player and listened faithfully until my first musical performance.

I came through with flying colours and have not looked back. I had to use the hypnosis series a few times after that to reinforce the principles.

I no longer have the performance anxiety attacks and do not need alcohol to control my nerves, which seems to be the medication of choice of most band members.

I don't use the hypnosis series any more, but I'm keeping it handy should I have a relapse. It is reassuring to know that help is at hand, should my situation change and I need to pull out the big guns!!

5 Star Rating Your CD sessions have been unbelievably helpful

By Stephanie Ruocco

Stephanie cured of a phobia

Your CD sessions have been unbelievably helpful, that I stopped seeing my hypnotist. I wish I could refer people to your site, but am happy that I don't know anyone else with this horrible phobic condition.

I am pleased to have purchased your CD and listen to it every night before bed. My boyfriend is getting used to it too. Thanks again for taking the time to help people with this condition.

I send many thanks and will never forget your company.

P.S. I purchased this just several weeks ago, and it has helped immensely. 


5 stars I really liked that there were several different techniques in the program.

By G Ringer

I really liked that there were several different techniques in the program, as I've used different ones for some specific phobias I have. The Flash Away stress works for me for my fear of heights. The one that gets you closer and closer to your issue worked well for my fear of going over bridges. Really liked the general hypnosis tracks also.



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