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Here Is What The Professionals Say About The Neuro-VISION Technology

Thom Klapp, D.C.

Ann Arbor, Michigan


"Adding Neuro-VISION has made a very positive contribution to my office.  I have lay personnel administering Neuro-VISION with excellent results.  I am now able to offer my patients very effective help that has proven profitable in many ways. 


"Last month we helped 50 bank employees quit smoking, with the bank picking up the tab."

Judy Underwood, Ph.D.

Fort Collins, CO  

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Dr. Judy K. Underwood has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1982.  She is certified in Neuro-Linguistic programming and has studied with the NLP co-developers and top trainers in the field.  She operates The Centennial Center For Human Services.


"I've found that these programs effectively train the patient's sub­conscious mind to diminish and eliminate oral cravings and appetite, while helping them to simultaneously feel more relaxed.  The fact that these videos effectively do the visualization for the patient eliminates the need for any struggle required from patients who have trouble visualizing.  It makes the thera­pist's job easier."


"The use of this video treatment eliminates the therapist's need to spend lots of time with the patient.  Since the patients are able to come in and view the videos on their own time, these programs have proven to be extremely effective."


"I feel very good about the inclusion of the Neuro-VISION Programs at The Centennial Center."