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Here Is What The Professionals Say About The Neuro-VISION Technology

Kim Chai, D.C.

Tulsa, OK

"Although I have no real previous experience with NLP or any programs of this type, I've found the Neuro-VISION Program to be an effective system that helps patients to learn new thought processes.  If your patient has made a decision to quit smoking, the videos will definitely be effective and eliminate the cravings and tension that usually accompanies smoke cessation."


"After ten years as a chiropractic physician, I find that administering these programs offers a change of pace that is very exciting.  I foresee a lot of corporate work because a lot of businesses are going to a no smoking policy."


"I am now in the process of implementing the Neuro-VISION Appetite Control Program."


Jan Tiedemann, RN, MS

Portland, Maine

"Having received extensive training in the field of Neuro-linguistic programming, I can certainly appreciate the Neuro-VISION technology.  I have found that the training in the training video and operations manual is complete enough that even a lay person could learn to administer the Neuro-VISION video smoke cessation program and get excellent results."

"I've found Alan B. Densky and the folks at Neuro-VISION, Inc. both cooperative, and very easy to deal with.  Mr. Densky has always shown his willingness to provide guidance and assistance whenever needed."