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Here Is What The Professionals Say About The Neuro-VISION Technology

Richard W. Bennett, Psy.D.

Westford, MA

"I received my Neuro-VISION program in December, 1989.  I have found that it is the most successful smoking cessation program I have used in my 15 years of clinical experience.  For anyone who is serious about quitting smoking, this is the most effective program that I am aware of."


"Our results indicate that almost 60% of our clients continue to be non­smokers 6 months after starting Neuro-VISION.  For those clients who have followed our program as instructed, their success rate is significantly greater.  This success rate is two to three times greater than other smoking cessation programs, e.g., hypnosis, acupuncture, programs used by various national societies, etc.  Those clients who were not successful readily admitted it was because they did not follow the program as instructed."


"As a psychologist, it is my opinion that Neuro-VISION addresses the most important psychological aspects of smoking cessation, which is teaching a smoker to visualize him/herself as a nonsmoker, and to use cognitive strategies to think like a nonsmoker.


"I have been very satisfied having added Neuro-VISION to my practice based on the clinical results obtained."


Carol Ann Beverly, MSW

Shrevesport, LA

"I have used the Neuro-VISION programs in my practice for over a year and find the technology to be very powerful."

"I have an established practice and I screen my patients.  In my office, I have had over a 90% success rate!"

"Neuro-VISION has added new dimensions to my work in that it is an effective modality.  It helps attract new patients and it frees up time."

"The very complete information in the operations manual has eliminated all of the trial and error and helped save a tremendous amount of time and money.  I definitely recommend this program, its a winner!"