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Meet Alan B. Densky, CH



He is the past director of the Fort Myers Appetite & Smoking Control Center, and The Center For Applied Hypnosis.   The center was formed in Feb. of 1978 to specialize in appetite control and smoke cessation through hypnosis.  Since forming the center, Mr. Densky has successfully treated over 10,000 clients.  He has also aided people with stress, pain, migraine,  phobias, and insomnia.


With the development of Neuro-VISION® in 1986, Mr. Densky has combined his skill as a certified hypnotist and a Neuro-linguistic programmer with the magic of modern video technology.


Densky, who developed the largest professional practice specializing in appetite control and smoking cessation south of Sarasota, Florida is a licensed hypnotist with extensive training and certification in Neuro-linguistic programming, a sort of "space age" hypnosis.  He attended the Hypnosis Consultation & Training Center and The Southern Institute of NLP.   




*As a Certified member in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists, Alan follows the NGH Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Read them here: 

NGH Code of Ethics





Alan B. Densky, CH - consulting hypnotist & NLP Practitioner
Alan B. Densky, CH

He has authored several published text books on hypnosis and NLP and has received clients by referral from many medical physicians. 

His greatest thrill, he says, comes from hearing success stories of his former clients.  He began franchising Neuro-VISION® Appetite & Smoking Control Centers in May of 1987, but changed to a licensing format to make Neuro-VISION more available to licensed members of the healing arts instead.

Mr. Densky released the Neuro-VISION® technology to the consumer market in 2006.

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