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Stop Smoking Hypnosis

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Personal Development's owner Michael McGrath had three different independent reviewers put Neuro-VISION to the test in 2006.  

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Stop Smoking Hypnosis by Neuro-VISION was created by Alan B. Densky is a 3 segment DVD and audio hypnosis program that utilizes some powerful NLP techniques to control your addiction to tobacco.

The program requires you to watch only two of the segments as segment 2 and 3 are specially recorded for men and women respectively..

After the initial viewing you are only required to watch the mind training segment and this should be done daily for at least 21 days after quitting.

If you are familiar with Alan Densky's weight loss hypnosis then you will understand the concepts involved and the instructions on segment one of the DVD. Although Alan states the program does not use hypnosis he does use hypnotic language throughout segment 1 of the program. Hypnotic language is a very powerful process and Densky uses it effectively without the listener even realizing what is happening.

A key to using this program is the desire and decision to quit prior to using the DVD. It is designed to make your quitting experience comfortable. It is not designed to force you to quit! You must have the desire to do so or no stop smoking aid will work for you.

Taking this into consideration it is beneficial to have positive aids that can make the transition, from smoker to non-smoker, a comfortable and much less traumatic experience.

In the Stop Smoking program Densky explains the 3 different forms of addiction to smoking - Physical addiction, psychological addition and Habituation. Everyone understands the physical addiction side of smoking but the other two are less known and even less understood. The actual addiction to nicotine is much easier to break than the other addictions. Many experts tell us that an addiction to nicotine can be broken in as little as three days. However, the habit of smoking must be broken and also the association we have between certain actions and smoking. These two addictions are the real driving force behind your desire to smoke!

Alan gives you a thorough understanding of these addictions and his program really drives these addictions away.

When you reach the mind training segment you get to the power of the program. Visual NLP is introduced using what Densky calls the "Flash Away" technique. This technique was created to retrain your subconscious mind at a very deep level and is highly effective.

The program's DVD "flash away" session is a visual form of NLP that flashes video images that start slowly and then build momentum. Although it is not hypnosis you will find yourself entering a fairly deep state of relaxation.

Most of the images are designed to reprogram your habituated behaviors and they have a profound effect. You allow the video images to do all the work for you. Effortlessly gazing at the screen your subconscious mind will automatically begin to change your associations between certain actions and smoking.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis by
Neuro-VISION®, is a great way to retrain your mind so you think less like a smoker and more like a non-smoker.

The program will not force you to stop smoking but it will make the experience of quitting much, much easier!

The results we obtained were excellent.

3 reviewers had decided to quit smoking (this is an important point as they had already made the decision that they would quit and weren't expecting a product that would make them want to quit!).

All of the reviewers had tried to quit before but many had returned to the habit when they were under stress or in situations where cigarettes had been an important part of the process (an example would be when they were socializing while consuming alcohol, coffee, after eating etc.).

Remember the actual physical addiction is the easiest part of the process to overcome so the habit of smoking really needs to be addressed if success is to be achieved.

All three reviewers stated that the flash away images had a profound positive effect on the thoughts and feelings they had about cigarettes when they were in situations that before they would have found it extremely hard to avoid smoking.

They all watched the video sessions daily and reported that with each additional viewing their decision to remain a non smoker was reinforced. They remain non smokers after several months and have no desire to smoke again.

I know someone who has been a non smoker for 16 years and they still find themselves in situations where a fleeting desire to smoke arises. After Alan Densky's explanation of how the mind flashes visual images in certain situations I understand exactly what is going on. The person associates certain behaviors to the act of smoking and their subconscious mind presents them with the desire to smoke when they find themselves in that situation even though they could not possibly have a physical addiction! By addressing this phenomenon and reversing the effects the Stop Smoking Hypnosis program eliminates these desires and allows you to remain a comfortable non-smoker with ease.

This is an excellent product!