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Hypnosis For Weight Loss Audio

Audio Hypnosis CD's & Downloads


'I Lost Weight!'

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Lose Weight Hypnosis | Neuro-VISION

Itís time to stop dieting and start losing weight with my Lose Weight Hypnosis CDs.

Just take a moment to imagine how wonderful you will look when you've lost all of your extra weight.

Is your appetite out of control? This program helps to condition your unconscious to eliminate your cravings, urges, and compulsions so that you will automatically eat less and lose weight.


Do you need more motivation to exercise? Session 2 in this program will expose you to some very effective techniques that can actually make you look forward to your workout. 


As with all of my programs, I give you my
90 day money back guarantee.


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Perhaps you've had a battle keeping your weight off. You've found it hard to stay motivated. And you may not have even been able to get yourself to exercise at all.

Imagine how much better your life will be when you look terrific and feel great about yourself. Perhaps you would like your social life to improve; or perhaps you would like your sex life to improve.

Picture living your life with a slim, sexy body. Imagine how your life will improve when you are thinner. It is totally within your power to have the body and the life that you want when you change your thinking at the unconscious level of mind. And my Lose Weight Hypnosis CDs can make that happen!

My lose weight through hypnosis CD will help you successfully change your thinking at the unconscious level of mind to accomplish your dreams and desires!

Thanks to my "I Lost Weight!" hypnosis CD, you can quickly lose the urge to eat the fattening foods that you love, and feel a desire for healthy foods, without feeling deprived. 

Besides losing weight, you can have a firm, toned body. That's because the second session on this CD will give you a powerful feeling of motivation to exercise.

Have all of your attempts to lose weight by dieting failed? Then perhaps youíve been taking the wrong approach!

Alan B. Densky - Lose Weight Hypnosis Expert

Hello, I'm Alan B. Densky, CH.  As a certified consulting hypnotist and founder of The Center for Applied Hypnosis in 1978, I've helped over 10,000 people change their lives in face-to-face, one-on-one hypnosis sessions.

The dictionary defines the word diet as ďoneís customary or prescribed foods.Ē So no matter what foods you are eating, you are already on a diet. 

Letís start on the road to Lose Weight Hypnosis success by getting rid of the word ďdiet,Ē because itís time to stop dieting so you can start losing weight!

Maybe youíve been focusing on the physical aspects of losing weight. When what you need to do is focus on the mental aspects of eliminating cravings and urges for fattening foods. My weight Loss hypnosis CDs will help you shift your focus!


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Youíll also want to build a urge to eat healthy foods in the correct amounts for your size and levels of activity.

If you are failing at weight loss, then you are consuming too many calories for your physical size, activity level, and metabolic rate.

But how can you quickly lose the urge to eat the fattening foods that you love, and feel a desire for healthy foods, without feeling deprived?

And if you are an inactive person, how can you feel powerfully motivated to increase your physical activity so that you burn more calories.

The answer is quite simple: You must change your attitudes about food and exercise. You are probably thinking that itís impossible. But after you start using my Lose Weight Hypnosis CD, you'll see that it's a lot easier than you think.

We have two different mental levels, conscious, and unconscious.

The conscious mind is the mind that you are thinking with as you read this web page. It is your logical mind. It does your thinking and reasoning.

Your unconscious mind is your body's computer -- it doesnít do any reasoning. With a computer, the input controls the output. Your unconscious mind receives the thoughts that you think on a conscious level, and it acts upon them.

Your unconscious received the original programming that gives you your cravings for food and compulsions to eat when you were a child. And youíve been reinforcing that programming since childhood with your conscious thoughts. 


Weight Loss Hypnosis CD
Here is how my Hypnosis For Weight Loss Audio Works:

My program will quickly reprogram your unconscious to change your mental attitude about food and exercise. 

And when your attitude changes, your weight loss will become automatic.

You might be wondering how my CD can make make the weight melt off of your body automatically. But itís really quite simple. With my hypnosis CD, youíll be changing the programming in your unconscious mind, so that you lose your cravings and urges for fattening food.

If you donít crave fattening foods, you wonít eat them, so your weight will melt off of your body.

And my Lose Weight Through Hypnosis CD will also program your unconscious to give you cravings for healthy foods. Healthy foods will help you to build muscle, which will increase your metabolic rate. And that will make your weight drop off even more quickly.

Remember when I said that the unconscious is like a computer, the input controls the output? When my Lose Weight By Hypnosis CD talks directly to your unconscious, your mind will receive the input it needs to make you lose your appetite to overeat, as well as feel highly motivated to exercise.

Order my weight loss through hypnosis program now and your weight will come off once and for all. 

As you read this page, picture living your life with a slim, sexy body. It is totally within your power to have the body and the life that you want when you change your unconscious thinking with my Lose Weight By Hypnosis program.

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Are my methods effective?  

Ask the physicians and psychologists who have paid thousands of dollars to license my methods for use in their 253 clinics across the USA.


Or ask any of the tens of thousands of clients around the world who have used my methods. 


Now you can successfully lose weight like thousands of my other clients have. 


My programs will guide you into a profoundly relaxed state of hypnosis where your unconscious mind will be programmed to:

  •  Lose your taste for fattening foods

  •  Feel full as soon as you start eating
  •  Lose your appetite for fats
  •  Eat like a thin person
  •  Crave healthy food
  •  Become motivated to exercise
  •  Speed up your metabolism
  •  Lose your taste for salt
  •  Increase your desire to drink water

By ordering, you will:

  • Look and feel years younger

  • Be able to look in the mirror and see a thin, sexy body looking back at you

  • Hear compliments from friends and family

  • Feel tremendous self-esteem

  • Feel total confidence

  • Feel gloriously relaxed

This program consists of 3 office sessions for appetite control & weight loss.  The professional fee for this program in my office is $450.00  

This program includes:

  • I Lost Weight! 3 session hypnosis CD 

  • FREE subscription to my weekly weight control Newsletter - "Lose Weight, Look Good, Feel Great!" - $99.00 Value. (This is NOT the free newsletter that you can signup for on the site.)

  • 90 Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee - Value Priceless



Your Price $34.97Includes Free Shipping in USA

Elsewhere +

That's an amazing fee of only 

about $11.65 per session!



Before You Order "I Lost Weight!"



Do You Need To Lose More Than 15 lbs?


Appetite Control
Then order this Powerful Weight Loss Hypnosis Package which includes both NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis technologies

 Receive the entire program without cost!


  NOTE: I Lost Weight! is available in two formats:

A. High Quality Audio on CDs. This includes a Quick Start Download of Instructional Session 1 & a Power Relaxation MP3.

B. Instant Download MP3s. Full program as a series of MP3s that you download right now. These files are quite large, approximately 100 MB, so a Broadband connection is required. No sales tax and no shipping fees anywhere. After you have completed payment, you will automatically be sent to our download page which includes instructions if needed.

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Order "I Lost Weight!"

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Neuro-VISION Hypnotic Recordings 90 Day Guarantee
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Your Money Will Be Refunded 

With No Questions Asked!



Give it a try!  Within 90 days, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied and you don't feel that listening to this program has benefited you many times more than you ever expected, simply contact us to return the program and get every dime of your purchase price back, with no questions asked!  You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


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