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Stop Nail-Biting Hypnosis


How To Stop Biting Nails

You Can Stop Your Awful Nail Biting Habit

Quickly And Easily - No Matter How Severe It May Be!

"Elegant Nails!"


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From: Alan B. Densky, CH     5 Star Rating Customer Reviews

Dear Friend,

Alan B. Densky, CH consulting hypnotist

For chronic nail-biters, wondering how to stop biting their fingernails is a thought that is always on their mind. That's because they know how difficult it is to learn how to stop biting nails. Unfortunately, most of the time they probably don't even realize they have their fingers in their mouth! 

And even when they are aware that they are about to bite their nails, they still can't resist the urge. The harder they try to resist, the more compelled they feel to bite them.

Indeed, nail-biting is a nasty habit that many people suffer from. It's embarrassing, painful, and unsightly. But the good news is that no one has to suffer from this awful habit any more.

That's because a breakthrough hypnosis for nail biting has been developed and has been helping countless victims crush their damaging habit. As a result, these former nail-biters are now teeming with self-confidence... proud to hold out their hand anytime and shake with anyone they meet. 

This may sound too incredible, especially for those who are still suffering from the nail biting compulsion despite trying all possible means to stop biting fingernails.


But please set your doubts aside until you've read every word on this page, as this could be the one and only solution to permanently end any type of nail biting habit... no matter how severe or persistent it may be.



Continue Reading and Discover:

  • Why nail biters need to stop their habit immediately

  • The underlying causes of nail biting

  • The ultimate solution to control the nail biting compulsion


Continue Reading and Discover How To:

  • Feel much more relaxed at all times

  • Lose the urges and compulsions to bite your nails

  • Grow your finger nails as long as you like

  • Have more attractive hands

  • Feel proud to stick out your hand for a hand shake


Why Nail Biters Need To Stop Their Habit Immediately

Although we can't judge a book by its cover, we know how everyone makes snap judgments about us based on our looks. First impressions tend to stick in the minds of people, so we always need to look our best (face, hands and all). Our appearance does effect our business and personal lives.

Nail-biting can damage a person's self-esteem (just imagine the humiliation when someone sees you biting your nails, and you may not even be aware you're doing it!).

More importantly, continuous nail biting poses serious health risks. Bacteria can transfer from your mouth to your fingernails, and vice-versa. This hazardous habit can also cause the skin around the fingernails to break and get tiny cuts... resulting in infections. Plus, long time nail biters may suffer from tooth and gum problems as they get older due to the grinding action of the teeth against the hard (and sometimes dirty) surface of the nails.

There's no question nail biting must be stopped before any serious damage can take place. But before we discuss the solution, let's find out the causes of this negative habit.


Causes of Nail Biting

Nail-biting is typically based on feelings of tension and stress.  It goes back to the days when you were an infant.  When you got cranky, your mom put a bottle in your mouth.  You got distracted, relaxed, and eventually fell asleep.

And now even as adults, we tend to put things into our mouths to relax ourselves, all due to this programming.  These may include food, cigarettes, and you know it... fingernails!

Nail-biting is an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.  Nail-biters keep their hands behind their backs or in their pockets.  They feel shame and social embarrassment and experience out-of-control feelings at times. They often wonder why they can't stop, and they also question whether or not they are crazy.

With all the troubles and humiliation that habitual nail biting can bring upon a person, what is the ideal way to overcome it?


The Ultimate Solution: How To Stop Biting Nails and Control The Nail Biting Compulsion

Nail biters can't control their compulsive behaviors by using logic, because the compulsions are created by the unconscious (subconscious) mind.  Therefore, a person's compulsion to bite their nails defies conscious logic. 


And they can't control their unconscious by using brute willpower either, because the unconscious is stronger than anyone's willpower.


Some would use a nail biting deterrent (like applying a bitter coating on their fingernails) to stop biting fingernails, but this might only cause short term results. They might have to keep on buying a new one every time they have used one up, which could drain their budget. And who would want to endure that bitter taste, anyway? In addition, this method compels the nail-biter to substitute some other equally obnoxious symptom.


What they need to do to effectively stop biting nails is to write new "programs" in their unconscious (subconscious) so that relaxation - and the loss of urges and compulsions - becomes automatic, just like their compulsions and urges to bite their nails are automatic now.


And there's no better way to do that than to use the phenomenal power of hypnosis (The RIGHT hypnosis that is, as most hypnosis methods are antiquated and ineffective. More about this later).



And since everyone is different, each client needs a hypnotherapy nail biting approach that is molded easily to their way of processing thought. 


In my office, as a trained Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, I can watch and listen to pick out the client's favored representational systems so I can mold my technique to them. Over the years I've helped scores of people to overcome this oral habit. I've worked with children, and I've handled many adult nail biting cases also. 


I soon realized that more and more people need my unique nail biting hypnosis system to change their life, but I only have so much time for clients. So I recorded my sessions in hypnosis CDs to help as many clients as possible in solving their fingernail biting problem.


You might be asking: "But wait, didn't you say that each person needs a unique and specialized hypnotic approach?"


Yes of course! I accomplish this by using a broad spectrum of hypnotic methods in each session of my hypnosis CD's so that one or more methods will be effective for the client's particular way of mental processing.


Want to know more about my nail biting hypnosis program on hypnotherapy CD's? It's called...




"Elegant Nails!" (Audio Nail Biting 
NLP and Hypnosis CDs & MP3 Downloads)

Stop Nail Biting Hypnosis CDs

As previously discussed, no amount of conscious effort can eliminate the compulsion to bite your nails. That's why this program is designed to help the client make important changes at the unconscious level of mind.

These changes help them eliminate the compulsion to bite their nails, so they don't have to hide their hands in embarrassment any longer. 

And best of all, no willpower is ever needed, because all of the new behaviors will come naturally and automatically - from the client's unconscious mind.


I'm happy to say that after listening to these hypnosis CDs, countless clients have been able to stop biting nails, and they are now living confident and happy lives... free from any kind of embarrassment and pain.


Learn More About Each Session In This Program


Stop Nail Biting Hypnosis CDs


We've compressed 7 Hypnosis Sessions on 7 CDs down to 2 CDs to save you $44.00 and a lot of clutter. Or, order the MP3 Download Program and have it on your computer in two minutes flat!





Ordering this program will 
help any nail-biting sufferer:
  • Feel much more relaxed at all times

  • Lose the urges and compulsions to bite their nails

  • Grow their finger nails as long as they like

  • Have more attractive hands

  • Feel proud to stick out their hand for a hand shake

This program steps the client through everything that is necessary to make rapid life altering changes through Hypnosis. 



Order Nail-Biting Hypnosis Now




What Makes The "Elegant Nails" Program Much More

Powerful Than Most Nail Biting Hypnosis Products?




What Would You Invest To Have Attractive Nails And Hands That Anyone Would Admire?

My office clients who had suffered from nail-biting know how embarrassing and harmful their habit can be. So when they were given the opportunity to break this habit permanently, they immediately went for it.


They were very willing and eager to go through my sessions, despite paying the professional fee of $1,050.00 in my office. And why not? My clients are now bursting with confidence, proudly holding out their hands without any hesitation, and living healthy and happy lives.


But because you're getting the same sessions (and results) in nail-biting hypnosis CD format, I have significantly dropped the price down to only $99.77 $59.77

Your Price Includes Free Shipping in USA $49.77

Elsewhere +    

That's an amazing $6.39 per session! And almost 95% LESS than what office clients pay for the same sessions.

Order Nail-Biting Hypnosis Now


Quit Nail Biting Hypnosis Tapes GuaranteeTake Advantage Of My 90-Day, Risk Free
100% Money Back Guarantee


I fully guarantee that my hypnosis & NLP CDs can permanently stop any nail-biting habit in adults or children - no matter how severe or chronic it may be - that I'm going to shoulder all the risks for you.  (Full Money Back Guarantee)



Note: "Elegant Nails!" is available in four formats:


A. High Quality Audio on 2 CDs (7 Sessions). This includes a Quick Start Download of Instructional Session & a Power Relaxation MP3.

B. Instant Download MP3s (7 Sessions). Full program as a series of MP3s that you download right now. After you have completed payment, you will automatically be sent to our download page which includes instructions if needed.

C.  High Quality Audio on 1 CD (1 Session). Includes one instructional session and one hypnosis session from the main program.

D. Instant Download MP3 (1 Session). Includes one instructional session and one hypnosis session from the main program. After you have completed payment, you will automatically be sent to our download page which includes instructions if needed.


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Contact Us 

I'm very confident you'll experience the same life-changing results as they have. And you can start immediately by clicking on the button below:


Live Life To The Fullest,

Alan B. Densky, CH


P.S. Finally, anyone can stop the embarrassment, pain and dangers of chronic nail biting with my Elegant Nails! program. All the client needs to do is relax and listen to the hypnosis CDs; and before they know it, their fingernail biting habit is gone for good! But to give you 100% assurance of its effectiveness, I will gladly give you a full refund just in case it doesn't work.


Order Nail-Biting Hypnosis Now


Customer Reviews


5 Star Rating It's a miracle that I'm (my hands) are so relaxed

By Nancy Hunt

Nancy Hunt Quit Her Nail-Biting Habit!I wanted to write to you and tell you that I have been sitting watching TV and my hands have been clasped for three hours straight! I was a compulsive nail biter and nail picker for fifty years, and now it's a miracle that I'm (my hands) are so relaxed. 

...Just a miracle . . .  I now (in 2 weeks) have control of my thoughts and feelings. I have read so many books since I was in my 20's in order to feel better. And they don't compare to what I have gained by purchasing your CD's and books. 

...I am 60 and feel the best I have ever felt. ...Thank you ...Thank you.

PS. I'll never feel bad again, thanks!






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