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Hypnosis To Stop Chewing Tobacco

Hypnosis Recording CD's & MP3 Downloads

Helps You Quit Your Devastating Habit
Quickly, Easily And Permanently
No Matter How Severe Your Addiction Is!

No Anxiety. No Cravings. No Nicotine Withdrawal. No Weight Gain.

Just Real Proven Results In No Time Flat!

"Kick Bacc!"

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From: Alan B. Densky, CH            5 Star Rating Customer Reviews

Dear Friend, 

Alan B. Densky, CH - Certified consulting hypnotist

Anyone addicted to smokeless tobacco, dipping or chewing, can find it very difficult to quit. Even if they want to ask for help, their search would be in vain because most programs to cure nicotine addiction have been focused almost entirely on cigarette smokers.


Even so, quitting this dangerous habit is a life and death decision. As you read further, you'll discover the horrifying effects of smokeless tobacco (prepare to be shocked) and why any chronic user should stop chewing or dipping.


But before that, here's some good news... A breakthrough hypnosis to stop chewing tobacco, to quit dipping, been created, and it has been saving the lives of thousands of ex-tobacco users.


Announcing A Specific Hypnosis Recording

To Stop Chewing Tobacco Or Dipp


This program has eliminated their cravings, urges and compulsions to dip or chew. And they have successfully quit smokeless tobacco without having to suffer from nicotine withdrawal or weight gain. Best of all, no willpower has ever been required, because all of the new behaviors to stop chewing tobacco or dipping tobacco has come naturally - from their unconscious mind.


This may sound too unbelievable, especially for those who are still suffering from this nasty addiction despite trying all possible ways to quit snuff, chewing or dipping.


But please suspend your skepticism until you've read every word on this page, as this could be the one and only solution to permanently end even the worst kinds of smokeless tobacco addiction... no matter how hopeless it may seem to be.



Continue Reading and Discover How To:

  • Why Quitting Smokeless Tobacco Could Be The Most Important Decision Any Will Ever Make

  • How To Stop Chewing Or Dipping Tobacco Without Using Willpower

  • How To Finally Be Free Of This Addiction


Why Quitting Smokeless Tobacco Could Be The Most Important Decision Anyone Will Ever Make

The smokeless tobacco addiction is potentially MORE dangerous and devastating than an addiction to smoking cigarettes.   

Research sponsored by the National Institutes on Drug Abuse, the National Cancer Institute, and the American Cancer Society indicates that chewing or dipping tobacco poses serious risks of being exposed to higher amounts of cancer-causing chemicals than traditional smoking.

Glamorized by sports heroes who dip or chew, many have started their addiction as early as the age of 9. Some of the "lighter" consequences of their deadly habit include bad breath, ugly teeth stains, bleeding gums, tooth loss and mouth sores (around 70% of smokeless tobacco users acquire them).

And by the time that many of these youngsters turn 18, they are devastated by horrible diseases such as heart attacks and cancer of the head, neck, mouth and throat. 

There is nothing quite as ugly as a face ravaged by tumors or cancer, except maybe how the victim's face looks after having surgery to amputate the jaw bone, lips, or tongue. Unfortunately, in most cases the surgical massacre of the victim's face really doesn't matter, because they are dead within a year anyway.

No doubt that quitting dipping or quitting chewing tobacco is a MUST for anyone who values their health and life. The consequences of continuing this addiction are catastrophic.

Want to learn how to quit dipping or how to quit chewing tobacco... effectively, quickly, easily and with absolutely NO willpower required? Read on...


How To Stop Chewing Or Dipping Tobacco

The All-Natural And Ideal Solution

Experts tell us that the physical addiction to nicotine is broken after abstaining for between three and seven days. However, the psychological addiction is much stronger and takes a lot more time and effort to overcome, making it difficult to quit smokeless tobacco.

Since 90% of the tobacco addiction is mental, while only 10% is physical, using hypnosis is a powerful way to overcome this psychological addiction and stop the smokeless tobacco habit... without any will power required.

The American Medical Association (AMA) accepted Hypnosis (hypnotherapy) as an effective method of treatment in 1958, and you can receive all of its benefits.

You may be thinking "I can't be hypnotized" or "this can't work for me." The simple fact is everyone experiences hypnosis hundreds of times every day. 

Hypnosis is the Alpha level of consciousness. It's the daydream like state that you pass through as you fall asleep at night. And you pass through it again as you wake up in the morning.

If you've ever been driving a car and suddenly realized you didn't remember driving the last few miles, then you've experienced hypnosis. Observe a small child watching their favorite cartoon and you'll see hypnosis in action (and you'll know for sure when weeks later they demand the cereal they saw advertised during the show).

Does a Hypnosis Recording Really Work?

You bet it does. The reason is that it reaches deep within your unconscious (subconscious) mind, past your conscious "gatekeeper." By reprogramming your unconscious thoughts without the interference of your conscious mind, you can make instantaneous and permanent change. And quitting smokeless tobacco is one change that hypnosis can effectively make.

For more information, read this article on breaking the smokeless addiction using Hypnosis & NLP.

The RIGHT type of hypnosis can work like a charm; but as previously mentioned, most hypnosis products focus only on dealing with the smoking addiction.

So is there any hypnosis program that can effectively help a smokeless tobacco user quit snuff, dipping or chewing? Fortunately, there is...


Introducing "Kick Bacc!
Audio Hypnosis & NLP Recording

Quit Smokeless Tobacco Hypnosis CDs

Kick Bacc! makes the client feel relaxation instead of tension and cravings. This quit smokeless tobacco hypnosis program is 100% safe to use and thoroughly effective because it uses the most powerful NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy techniques to kick this awful habit... without having to suffer from uncontrollable psychological urges and compulsions.

With the help of this hypnosis CD program, any tobacco user can reprogram their mind to actually despise smokeless tobacco, and finally quit dip or quit chew in the easiest and fastest way possible!


After going through each Hypnosis CD, my clients were left wondering why they ever felt the need to use smokeless tobacco in the first place. And what's even more amazing is that they truly felt like they have never used smokeless tobacco in their life before.

These Quit Smokeless Tobacco

Hypnosis & NLP Programs Include


Quit Smokeless Tobacco Hypnosis CD

We've compressed 7 Hypnosis Sessions on 7 CDs down to 2 CDs to save you $44.00 and a whole lot of clutter. Or, order the MP3 Download program and have all of the same sessions on your desktop in 2 minutes from now!



Ordering this hypnosis to stop chewing tbacco recording will help any smokeless tobacco user to:

You Will Quit

  • Without Anxiety

  • Without Irritability

  • Without Cravings 

  • Without Weight Gain

  • Without Withdrawal


  • Money on Smokeless Tobacco

  • Face - Literally

  • Your Health And Life 

This recording steps the client through everything that is necessary to make rapid life altering changes through Hypnosis. 

Order Stop Chewing Tobacco Now


What Makes The "Kick Bacc!" Program Much More Powerful Than Most Quit Tobacco Hypnosis Products?




What Would You Invest To Save Your Life And Self-Image From The Hazards Of Smokeless Tobacco?


Imagine life without smokeless tobacco. No more insane cravings. No more expenses. No more disgusting tobacco stuck between brownish-yellow teeth. And most important of all, no more horrible oral problems and life-threatening diseases to worry about.

The professional fee for this program in my office is $560.00. And my clients were more than happy to pay that amount because of the astonishing results they have experienced from my quit smokeless tobacco hypnosis program.


Your Price Only $49.77 Includes Free Shipping USA

Elsewhere +  

That's an amazing fee of only $6.39 per session! And almost 93% LESS than what office clients have paid me for the same sessions.




Order Quit Dipping Tobacco Now

Take Advantage Of My Exclusive 90-Day
Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Quit Chewing Tobacco Hypnosis Guarantee
I guarantee my hypnosis & NLP CDs can effectively and permanently help anyone quit their smokeless tobacco addiction - no matter how severe it may be - that I'm shouldering all the risks for you. (Read My Full Money Back Guarantee)



Note: "Kick Bacc!" is available in four formats:


A. High Quality Audio on 2 CDs (7 Sessions). This includes a
    Quick Start Download of Instructional Session & a Power
    Relaxation MP3.

B. Instant Download MP3s (7 Sessions). Full program as a
    series of MP3s that you download right now. After you have
    completed payment, you will automatically be sent to our
    download page which includes instructions if needed.

C.  High Quality Audio on 1 CD (1 Session). Includes one
     instructional session and one hypnosis session from the main

D. Instant Download MP3 (1 Session). Includes one
    instructional session and one hypnosis session from the main
    program. After you have completed payment, you will
    automatically be sent to our download page which includes
    instructions if needed.


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Audio NLP & Hypnosis Quit Dip CDs

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Instant MP3 Download - 7 Sessions

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Audio NLP & Hypnosis Quit Dip MP3s

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Audio NLP & Hypnosis Quit Dip CD

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Instant MP3 Download -  1 Session

Kick-Bacc Quit Chewing Tobacco Instant DownloadOrder "Kick It!"

Audio NLP & Hypnosis Quit Dip MP3

Regular Price: $19.95

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Have questions? 

Contact Us 



I have already helped countless clients quit snuff, dipping or chewing... no matter how intense their level of addiction is. If you want to experience the same results - and quit the smokeless tobacco addiction in the fastest, easiest and most effective way possible - then click on the button below.


Live Life To The Fullest,

Alan B. Densky, CH

CEO of Neuro-VISION®


Order Kick Bacc Hypnosis Now

Customer Reviews

5 Stars They helped cure me of a disgustingly addictive drug.

By Don Goudy, DDS

Don Goudy DDS Quit His Chewing Tobacco Habit With Kick BaccHelping people quit chewing tobacco is an important part of my job being a dentist.

More importantly I was a chewer and needed to listen to my own advice. That is how I discovered your tapes. They helped cure me of a disgustingly addictive drug and I pass that advice along to a lot of my patients.


5 Star Rating Thanks to your Kick Bacc program I was able to kick the habit, stay comfortable, and not gain any weight.

By Tom Wykowski

Hi Mr. Densky,

I've been chewing tobacco since I was about 12. My buddies and I started because we thought that it was cool to chew like our baseball heroes. Ten years later, as I watched my friends smoke cigarettes, I fooled myself into thinking that I was a lot safer dipping.

Almost a year ago I started to do some research to find out if I really was safer, and was shocked to learn the absolute truth about just how dangerous dipping tobacco really is. To be honest, I kind of knew it all along, but I was in denial. So I tried to quit chewing, but I got very jittery and uncomfortable and I just couldn't kick it.

About a month later I was talking with friends at a party one night, and somehow the conversation came around to cigarette smoking and how risky it was. My friends said that they had finally quit smoking using one of your hypnosis programs, and to their pleasant surprise it wasn't really that hard. And to their even greater surprise, they hadn't gained any weight after three months.

So I found your website, and thank goodness you had a program specifically for people who chew tobacco. Long story short, that was almost ten months ago and thanks to your Kick Bacc program I was able to kick the habit, stay comfortable, and not gain any weight. To be honest I don't even miss it and to me that just wonderful! I'm so happy about it that you have my permission to use this email on your testimonials page.

Thank you so much for your program - I feel like it really saved my life!