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Custom Made Hypnosis Recordings

Created for You Based On a Private Interview

Custom Audio Hypnosis & NLP Program

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There Is A Secret Formula That Guarantees Success

Alan B. Densky, CH
Alan B. Densky, CH

Everyone is a unique individual with their own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, some of us require a highly customized and unique intervention that is only possible with a custom hypnosis program.

One of the presuppositions of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is that "there is a positive intention behind all behaviors." And based on that presupposition, when it comes to successfully eliminating negative behaviors, there is formula that we must always keep in mind. I'll let you in on the secret in a minute. But first, I have a riddle for you to solve. Riddle: A minister made his son drink lye, which burned out his vocal chords. What was the positive intention behind his behavior?

If you are like 99.9% of the clients who have come into my office since 1978, you'll indignantly say something like:
"There's no positive intention behind that behavior."  But you would be 100% wrong.  To answer this riddle, first you have to separate the behavior from the positive intention of the behavior.


I do NOT have a script that I merely insert your name into. I create a totally unique program for each individual, based on a thorough case history done either by phone or email.


If you are like 99.9% of the clients who have come into my office since 1978, you'll indignantly say something like: "There's no positive intention behind that behavior."  But you would be 100% wrong.  To answer this riddle, first you have to separate the behavior from the positive intention of the behavior.

The minister's son was cursing.  And the minister believes that if a person curses, his soul will be condemned to Hell.  So the answer is that the minister was burning out his son's voice box so that he couldn't curse.  So he was saving his son's soul from being condemned to Hell.

The secret formula for success works as follows: 

We must always respect the positive intent behind every behavior.  If we have a compulsion to use a behavior that we don't like, we can easily get rid of the compulsion to use that behavior providing we find another behavior to substitute in it's place that is as effective and available at accomplishing the same outcome, but is more consciously acceptable to you.  This is called a REFRAME.

You're probably wondering what all this has to do with Custom CD's.  Be a little patient, and you will clearly see what it has to do with Custom CD's in a moment.  

When clients come into my office, one of the first things that I do is to take a thorough case history.  Let's say that they come in and ask me to help them overcome their appetite.  Conventional wisdom tells us that the two main reasons that people eat excessively are: (1) for relaxation and pleasure; (2) because eating can be a conditioned response.  For instance, if a person eats while they are watching TV, they will develop a conditioned response, and thereafter, every time they sit down to watch TV, they'll get cravings and an urge to eat.

However, the above answer only takes into consideration the possible positive intention behind the eating behavior.  What if they also have another behavior that is involved in the equation?  For example: What if being fat is also a behavior for this person?  I can hear your mind grinding right now as you think, "Being fat isn't a behavior, what are you talking about?"

Sorry but you could be 100% wrong.  Here is one simple classic text book example that will illustrate the fact that being fat can be a behavior.  It can be a behavior because it can accomplish positive outcomes. 

Example: A woman is deeply in love.  Her boyfriend breaks up with her, and breaks her heart.  Her unconscious mind wants to protect her emotionally and prevent her from having her heart broken again, so it motivates her to get fat to keep her out of relationships.  That way she won't get her heart broken again. 

The point is that everyone is totally different.  And sometimes there are hidden elements at work causing compulsive behaviors.  These are elements that are different for each person.

Here is another example: A woman comes into my office complaining of an uncontrollable urge to overeat at dinner time.  During my case history, upon questioning, the woman explains how she was never able to satisfy her father.  

We did an age regression, and one of her earliest memories was of eating dinner with the family.  Her dad was insisting in a very loud voice that she clean her plate, even though she felt full.  So she cleaned her plate because of fear, and dad commended her for eating everything.  It was one of the only times in her life that she could recall her dad telling her that he was happy with her.

Shoot forward to present day.  Dad's been dead for years, but the unconscious program he installed is still working.  She still has a compulsion to clean her plate, even if she is feeling stuffed, because by cleaning the plate she is getting dad's approval, and eliminating her fear!


Here's Why Hypnosis In My Office Is So Effective

When a client comes into my office, regardless of what the symptoms are, I do a complete case history so that I can uncover any hidden agendas that the unconscious might have. That way I can customize my techniques and suggestions to reframe the unconscious negative behaviors.  

But when I sell a client a prerecorded program, I can't do a case history, and there is a chance that there will be hidden issues that will need to be REFRAMED before the client can be totally successful.


Here's Why My Custom CD's Are So Effective

When a person purchases a Custom CD,  I call that person on the phone (on my dime when client lives within the US. Other countries require client to call, or we can do the interview with a series of emails) and interview him/her for an hour or more. I do a very through case history.  In that way, I can create a custom program that will effectively do a REFRAME on any negative behaviors.


Custom programs take a lot of time to do, but I enjoy the challenge, and I enjoy being able to provide the kind of help that is very hard to find. I do NOT have a script that I merely insert your name into. I create a unique program for each person, based on a thorough case history.


Here's How The Custom CD Program Works


Custom Made Hypnosis CDs & DownloadsPurchase the Custom CD program by clicking the button below. Then send me an email outlining your problem.


 If you reside within the US, let me know within the email a good time for me (or my brother George) to call you to setup an appointment for our telephone consultation.  It needs to be a time when you won't feel rushed, or be distracted. We will pay all long-distance phone charges within the US.

Then I will call you and do a thorough case history.  After that it will take about one week until I have created your Custom Program.

If you reside outside of the US, it is your responsibility to pay any long-distance phone charges. Or, if you prefer, we can do the consultation via emails.

There is no refund or return privilege on the Custom Programs because I have to invest several hours between your consultation, writing a script for a process instruction or a metaphor, and then professionally recording and editing your CD.

Even though it takes a tremendous amount of time, talent, and experience, my professional fee is still only $595.00.


To Get Started:

1. Use the "Order Custom" button below to purchase your Custom CD.

2. Send an email to me with the following information:  Your name, street address and phone number(s). Include a description of the problem you would like to work on, including a description of your previous experience with hypnosis, if any.

3. The next step is to arrange the telephone interview. Either I, or my brother George will call you to set that up. (If you are in the US)

4. During your telephone interview, take the call in a place where you will not be disturbed. Expect that the session will last between one and two hours. I will call you, and I will pay for the call.

Have questions? Email me at alan@neuro-vision.us 

Custom Made Hypnosis CD Program

Professional Fee: $995.00 

Today $595.00