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Stop Procrastinating – ADHD-Friendly Strategies

It’s not easy to deal with your own sense of failure when you don't follow through on something you intended to do. Sometimes we put off doing what we need to do or want to do because we expect it to be unpleasant. Often, the physical environment is one source of anticipated discomfort. This article provides tips on how to stop procrastinating by making changes to your environment.

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Relationship Advice and ADHD symptoms

Whether dating or married, all couples must contend with stresses to their relationship. However, individuals with ADHD have a greater challenge. Studies show couples with ADHD deal with more challenges in their relationship. And they also have a higher rate of divorce and separation. Knowing how to avoid the pitfalls and connect with genuine love will nurture a strong relationship.

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Procrastination and Adult ADD/ADHD

Procrastination is a challenge for adults with ADD/ADHD. Procrastination can easily lead to unpleasant consequences including fines and penalties, lost opportunities, and even broken hearts. These seven tips are proven to bust through procrastination so you can complete boring or unpleasant tasks and get your life under control.

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