How to Stop a Panic Attack

The panic attack is a truly beastly thing. It is characterized by shortness of breath, chest pains, and a feeling of overwhelming fear or dread. Once a panic attack takes hold, the only option is to find a quiet place and wait until the symptoms subside. Yet, what happens if you are in the supermarket, at the cinema, or doing the school run? What if ‘waiting it out’ isn’t good enough? Better yet, can you ever learn how to stop a panic attack in its tracks?


Phobia Treatment Hypnosis & NLP

If you suffer with a phobia, you probably know what it feels like not to be taken seriously. You might even have been ridiculed for your fear. You might have been told to just ‘get over it.’ Or, expected to grin and bear it for the benefit of others. Yet, you know that the reality is very different. To have a phobia is to find yourself in the grip of pure terror. It is not always rational or logical, but it is real. And a targeted phobia treatment is needed to find a solution.


How to Overcome Fear of Flying with Hypnosis

Learning how to overcome fear of flying can be a real challenge for some people. They may have worked hard for years and even been told that their fears are irrational and that they should just get over it. But no matter how hard they try, they just feel scared and very distressed when they have to think about flying.

With the help of hypnosis and NLP, whether it is guided by a professional or you do it on your own using recordings on CD’s or MP3’s, it becomes so much easier to learn how to overcome fear of flying and get yourself out to see the world!