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Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD's


End Your Addiction To 

Cigarettes or Chewing Tobacco Forever!


-- Results Are Guaranteed --


I Smoke

I Suffer From

Recommended Program

Under 3/4 Pack Daily

Cravings & urges.

Kick The Habit!

3/4 - 3 Packs Daily

Strong cravings & urges.

I Quit Smoking!

3/4 - 5 Packs Daily

Strong cravings & urges and a powerful compulsion to smoke. I have a poor imagination, or just want the strongest help available without prescription.

Quit Smoking In A Flash!

Neuro-VISION® Video Hypnosis Treatments

I Chew Tobacco

I have strong cravings & urges and a powerful compulsion to dipp or chew.

Kick Bacc!


Quit Smoking Hypnosis CDS Superb Program

Superb Video Hypnosis & NLP Stop Smoking Program

Neuro-VISION® Video Hypnosis

It's a fact, "A picture is worth a thousand words." We learn more quickly and easily through pictures than just words. So experienced consulting hypnotists ask their clients to visualize what they are describing. 

The problem is, some people find it very difficult to visualize. So heavy smokers who have a hard time visualizing report great success with this program, because this video technology actually does the visualizing for them. 

Great for heavy smokers who have a poor imagination!

Neuro-VISION is so effective, that the U.S. Government's Board Of Patents awarded it a patent! 

Neuro-VISION® eliminates cravings and urges and lets heavy smokers quit on the very first session without suffering withdrawal, nervousness, or weight gain.

See How Quit Smoking In A Flash! Works

Order Neuro-VISION And Quit Right Now

Quit Smoking Hypnosis CD MP3 Download Excellent Program

Excellent Audio Hypnosis & NLP  Stop Smoking CD's

Get Ready To Stop Smoking Right Now!

Perhaps you've been a heavy smoker for many years and tried to quit many times, only to give in to the cravings and urges. 


When you order my "I Quit Smoking!" CD's you can picture and experience a life where your feelings and actions are NOT controlled by the tobacco industry and the addiction to cigarettes. This program can save you thousands of dollars every single year! You can stop smoking on the first session and not have to suffer through withdrawal, nervousness, or weight gain.

See How I Quit Smoking! Works

Order I Quit Smoking! And Stop Easily Right Now

kick the smoking habit

Perfect Ericksonian Hypnotherapy For The Light Smoker 

Kick The Habit!  

Perfect CD For Light Smokers

Did you know that lung cancer is perhaps the most preventable type of cancer that there is?

It's true! And all anyone needs to do to put the odds in their favor is to quit smoking.

Have you thought about quitting? Have you put it off because you felt afraid to go through withdrawal?

This is the perfect hypnosis to stop smoking program for those who are smoking less than a pack per day.

This is a program that is different. What makes it different? 

Learn Why Kick The Habit! Will Work For You

Order Kick The Habit! Right Now

Quit Smokeless Chewing Tobacco Hypnosis

The Best Audio Hypnosis & NLP Stop Smokeless Program

It's Time To Give Up 

Chewing Tobacco

The myth was that you could trade cigarettes for smokeless tobacco and get a safe nicotine buzz. Glamorized by sports heroes, even 9 year old children started to chew. The myth turned out to be a big lie!

Now you can get the same help that I've given to smokers for years with a program that I specifically designed for those of you who are addicted to smokeless tobacco.

You can kick the habit on the first session and not have to suffer through withdrawal, nervousness, or weight gain.

Learn More About Kick Bacc!

Order Kick Bacc! Right Now