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Hypnosis for Anxiety

"Advanced Stress Management Technology

  Easily And Instantly Brings Even The Most

 Stressed Out Clients To The Deepest State Of

 Relaxation And Serenity!"


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From: Alan B. Densky, CH           5 Stars Customer Reviews

Dear Stressed-Out Friend,


Alan B. Densky, CH - Certified Hypnotist - Relaxation HypnosisHave you wondered if hypnosis for anxiety will help relieve your stress?

Many people don't realize how stress and anxiety can ruin their lives until it's too late. And if no effective steps towards stress relief or stress management are taken, the consequences could actually be fatal.

Studies have proven that stressed out people are much more prone to life-threatening diseases such as hypertension, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, ulcers, neck or low back pain, and even cancer.

Continue Reading and Discover How To Have:

  • A fuller, happier, more pleasant life

  • Peace and tranquility

  • A more balanced life

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • A blissful state of mind

Stress can spoil anyone's mood and give them a negative personality that drives people away. As a result, this can damage personal relationships, hinder career growth, and cause anyone to miss out on many wonderful opportunities.

In short, chronic stress can destroy every aspect of our lives - whether it's our career, personal relationships, social life, as well as physical and mental health.

What's even more shocking is that stress causes suicidal thoughts and feelings in some people, and this could trigger them to end their life!

Realizing the urgent need to control stress, I have developed a breakthrough hypnosis for anxiety relief that has helped countless people in dozens of countries around the globe enjoy a happy and stress-free lifestyle... even if no stress or anxiety management techniques have ever worked for them before.

This advanced hypnosis for anxiety stress relief treatment is based on the most powerful NLP and hypnosis methods (since the very essence of hypnosis is relaxation). But this is completely different from the usual 99% of hypnosis programs that flat out don't work. (I'll explain why later.)

Plus, this comprehensive anxiey relief program goes far beyond the mere "Relaxation Response" that is available through hypnosis.

The sessions in this advanced program have provided my clients with a mini-vacation from the daily grind and conditioned them for a state of total peace and tranquility.


How My Advanced Program Has Taken Countless Clients To An Extraordinary Level Of Relaxation

This stress relaxation program contains 7 deeply relaxing and highly effective Ericksonian Metaphors that communicate with the unconscious (subconscious) and program it for peace and serenity.


Often called "Story Telling" hypnosis, this method is one of the most effective and powerful forms of hypnosis because it generally eliminates the conscious mind's propensity to block suggestions.


Suggestions hidden within the metaphors are "generalized" by the unconscious, so that the mind makes its own interpretations and finds its own meanings in them. That allows the metaphors to have a maximum positive effect on the client.

It is important to find a metaphor that tells a story that caters to the unique interest of every client, because that helps them to "get into it" by talking about something they are "into." It therefore holds and DISTRACTS their conscious attention, which allows the hidden suggestions to slip into their unconscious more easily.

With seven metaphors to choose from, my clients have found the ideal hypnotic stories that best suited their interests or personality.

And here's the amazing part... This advanced relaxation treatment also includes NLP techniques to program calmness and tranquility right into their finger tips. They're now able to trigger instant relaxation by merely touching two of their fingers together! This technique is known as "Anchoring."

So what's this program all about? It's called...

"Relaxation In A Flash - Advanced"
NLP & Hypnosis for Anxiety CD Program

Stress Management Hypnosis CDSMy Relaxation In A Flash! - Advanced! stress management CDs utilize the most powerful Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques ever devised.


Even the most nervous person will quickly become more peaceful, tranquil and serene... even after going through just one session.


This "Advanced" program is designed for those who have previously invested in either my standard "Relaxation In A Flash!" program, or any of my other Multi-Session hypnosis programs that teach the "Flash Away Stress" technique. (Read the "This program contains" section of each program to verify.)


These stress relief NLP and hypnosis CDs do NOT have the all-important consultation visit or any of the other educational information that is included in the other programs. They also do not have all of the important NLP Flash techniques that are learned from the other multi-session programs.


What these stress management hypnosis and NLP CDS do have is seven additional relaxation sessions that have completely different and effective Ericksonian Metaphors to relax with, enjoy, and learn from.


My clients who have invested in this program are finally living fuller, happier and more pleasant lives like they have never experienced before. They are now enjoying peace, tranquility, a deep sense of balance, and a blissful state of mind. Those who were previously suffering from sleep problems have now returned to their normal sleeping patterns.



Included In This Program:


Relaxation Hypnosis CDs


We've compressed 7 Hypnosis Sessions on 7 CDs down to 2 CDs to save you $44.00 and a lot of clutter.


See what each session contains



Anyone who orders these NLP and hypnosis anti stress CDs will gain the ability to mellow out in a flash. They will experience what it's like to personally come into my office and go through a complete series of private hypnosis sessions (seven) for managing stress, anxiety or depression.


This program steps the client through everything that is necessary to make rapid life altering changes through Hypnosis.




What Makes "Relaxation In A Flash! - Advanced!" Much More Powerful Than Most Stress Reduction Hypnosis Programs?










What Would You Invest To Permanently Get Rid Of Stress, Anxiety And Depression?

Listen, the professional fee for this program in my office is $560.00. If you think about it, that's a small price to pay to achieve a totally happy, healthy and stress-free life. And it's a more effective alternative compared to any other health stress management technique available on the market.

Your Price: Only $49.77 +

That's an amazing fee of only $6.39 per session! And almost 93% LESS than what office clients have paid me for the same sessions.




Relaxation Hypnosis Tapes GuaranteeTake Advantage Of My 90 Day, Risk Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee


I guarantee that "Relaxation In A Flash! - Advanced!" will completely eradicate stress, anxiety and depression from your entire life, far better than any other stress relievers available, and I'm taking all the risks for you. (Full Money Back Guarantee)



Note: "Relax In A Flash - Advanced!" is available in three formats:

A. High Quality Audio on CDs (7 Sessions). This includes a

    Quick Start Download of Instructional Session 1 & a Power

    Relaxation MP3.

B. Instant Download MP3s (7 Sessions). Full program as a

    series of MP3s that you download right now. After your order

    has completed, an email will be sent to you with a link for

    downloading. These files are quite large, approximately 100

    MB, so a Broadband connection is required. No sales tax (in

    FL), and no shipping fees anywhere

C. Instant Download MP3 (1 Session). Includes one

    instructional session and one hypnosis session. After your

    order has completed, an email will be sent to you with a link

    for downloading. These files are quite large, approximately 25

    MB, so a Broadband connection is required. No sales tax (in

    FL), and no shipping fees anywhere.

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High Fidelity CDs Shipped To You

 7 Sessions

 "Relax In A Flash - Advanced!"

 Hypnosis & NLP CDs

Qty: Regular Price: $99.77 

Today $49.77  

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Instant MP3 Download - 7 Sessions

"Relax In A Flash - Advanced!"

Hypnosis & NLP MP3s

Qty: Regular Price: $99.77

Today $49.77 


Note: Scroll down this page to select the individual metaphors that are appropriate for you, as an individual.


Ericksonian Metaphor about a cabin in the woods 16:14

1 Session

Qty: Regular Price: $19.95

Today $11.95 




Ericksonian Metaphor about a golf game 15:01

1 Session

Qty: Regular Price: $19.95

Today $11.95 




Ericksonian Metaphor about tennis 17:58

1 Session

Qty: Regular Price: $19.95

Today $11.95 




Ericksonian Metaphor about hunting in the woods 13:12

1 Session

Qty: Regular Price: $19.95

Today $11.95 




Ericksonian Metaphor about walking in the woods 11:16

1 Session

Qty: Regular Price: $19.95

Today $11.95 




Ericksonian Metaphor about a ride in a jeep 20:45

1 Session

Qty: Regular Price: $19.95

Today $11.95 




Have questions?

Contact Us

And remember, you can return it and get a full refund any time within 90 days if you're not 100% satisfied. Either you completely eliminate stress, anxiety and depression from your whole being (like what several of my satisfied clients have experienced), or you don't give me a single penny. Sound fair enough?

To A Stress-Free And Happy Life,


Alan B. Densky, CH

CEO of Neuro-VISION, Inc.



This program contains:

The CD program is broken down into chapters so that once the listener can easily to jump directly to any hypnosis session in the program.

Each session includes a deeply relaxing and highly effective Ericksonian Metaphor that will communicate with the unconscious and program it for peace and serenity.  

Often called "Story Telling" hypnosis, this method is very powerful because it generally eliminates the conscious mind's propensity to block suggestions.

It also includes NLP techniques to program relaxation and tranquility into an anchor that will literally be at your finger tips.  You'll be able to trigger relaxation simply by triggering your anchor, you'll merely touch of two of your fingers together!

Session 1: Introduction by Alan B. Densky. I'll tell you a little bit about myself and my way of doing things.

Session 2: Ericksonian Metaphor: Jeep Ride In The Woods

Session 3: Ericksonian Metaphor: A Cabin That Has Feelings

Session 4: Ericksonian Metaphor: Woodland Relaxation

Session 5: Ericksonian Metaphor: Woods & Hunting

Session 6: Ericksonian Metaphor: Tennis For Relaxation

Session 7: Ericksonian Metaphor: Golf Ball With Feelings



5 Stars This MP3 is very good!

By Paul Thorley

relaxation hypnosis Paul Thorley
I ordered the "A Jeep Ride In The Woods" Single Session MP3 Download. I'm able to achieve a great sense of relaxation both as I listen to this metaphor, as well as feeling more relaxed in general. This MP3 is very good!




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