Just press play and let the audio guide your mind.
This is what you'll hear as you
break your smokeless tobacco addiction:

The audio CD program is broken down into chapters so that once you have gone through the educational portions of each session, you can easily jump to just the hypnosis and NLP portion of any session.

Foreword by Alan B. Densky, CH. I'll tell you a little bit about myself and my way of doing things. I discuss the behavioral changes that are about to automatically take place for you.

Session 1: Knowledge Is Power. When clients come into my office, I don't just plop them down in a chair and start a hypnotic session. Knowledge is power, and it accelerates and amplifies anyone's success. So in Session 1 we discuss the different therapeutic approaches used in each session; how to obtain the best results; realistic expectations; the common misconceptions about hypnosis; the difference between a "Patient" and a "Client"; what compels a person to use smokeless tobacco; and the three prerequisites for effortlessly quitting smokeless tobacco.

Session 2: NLP Technique - Flash Away Cravings. There are very powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques that can be used to "flip" things around in your unconscious, so that things that used to trigger urges and oral cravings actually eliminate them! The same techniques can be used to cause your unconscious to use stress producing thoughts to trigger relaxation instead.

In this session, you learn how to use these NLP visualizations to train your unconscious to automatically eliminate conditioned response type urges to smokeless tobacco.

Conditioned responses take place when a person pairs two behaviors together. For example: If you use smokeless tobacco when you are driving your car, the unconscious will pair these two behaviors together so that each time you drive your car in the future, you will get an urge to use smokeless tobacco!

Session 3: This is the first induction of hypnosis, and we utilize gentle methods to guide you into a blissful, deep state of relaxation. Post hypnotic suggestions are given to your unconscious to eliminate stress and cravings. NLP techniques are used to help you create and anchor feelings of self-esteem, which are then linked to remaining a non-tobacco user in the unconscious mind. This is critical to increasing your motivation to do what is necessary to feel good about being a non-tobacco user. It sends your unconscious in a direction to motivate your permanent success.

Session 4: Flash Away Stress. In this session, you learn how to use NLP visualizations to train your unconscious to automatically eliminate disturbing thoughts and stress. Tension causes oral cravings. So by being more relaxed in general, you will eliminate much of the compulsion to dip or chew.

Session 5: NLP Technique - The Chop. The Chop is an NLP technique that I invented to install an aversion to smokeless tobacco. This one can really make tobacco into a major turnoff.

Session 6: Hypnosis for relaxation using metaphor. I explain how Ericksonian Hypnotic Metaphors work. Then I use a metaphor to create and deepen the hypnotic state and direct the unconscious mind to eliminate cravings, urges, and compulsions so that any residual cravings are crushed, and the ex-tobacco user's appetite to overeat is vaporized! NLP techniques to anchor self-esteem and connect it to remaining a non-tobacco user are reinforced.

Session 7: Hypnotic Process instructions are generalized instructions to the unconscious to retrieve memories where prior learning has taken place, and then to utilize those learning experiences to make your currently desired changes in an automatic fashion. 

In this session you are guided into a profound state of hypnosis. In this state, your unconscious learns how to automatically substitute pleasant memories and fantasies in place of tobacco or food and drink to produce relaxation and pleasure. This goes a long way towards eliminating stress, as well as cravings and the compulsion to use tobacco or substitute food in place of tobacco. NLP techniques to anchor self-esteem and connect them to never use smokeless tobacco again are reinforced.