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If you've found this page it means that you are a member of the Neuro-VISION community.  


Before you ordered one of my appetite suppression programs, you went on a diet and you tried to lose weight. But you failed, because what good is a diet if you can't stick to it because your appetite is out of control?


Now that you have received one of my hypnotic appetite suppression programs, if you have been using it daily for a week or more, then your appetite should be greatly diminished.


At this point there are two things that you can do to speed up your weight loss:


1. Eat the right foods in the correct amounts. 

2. Step up your metabolic rate through exercise.


Proper Nutrition


Proper nutrition is one of the keys to permanent weight loss. You must eat right! 


Some people find it easier to eat nutritionally correct and lose weight by ordering high protein foods, vitamins, and supplements from one centralized source.


*DietDirect carries a huge line of high protein foods, weight loss packs, and supplements to make it easier for people on the go.


DietDirect has been in business since 1998, and they have been a member of the Better Business Bureau OnLine since 2005.


Your Best Priced Diet and Weight Loss Source - www.DietDirect.com


Save 50% On Weight Loss Starter Kits - DietDirect.com





In order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories that you consume - PERIOD. With exercise you can quickly step up your metabolic rate and burn more calories. 


The best advice I can give you is to pick an exercise that you will enjoy.


Do You Need More Motivation To Exercise?


If you find that you lack the motivation to exercise, then you will want to get your thoughts adjusted. 


Motivation comes from what we believe, so using self-hypnosis and NLP is a great way to increase your motivation!


Urge To Exercise! is my premier hypnosis & NLP exercise motivation program. 



Have questions? 

Call us at 352.459.2471 




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