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Neuro-VISION® Video Series

Building Self Confidence With Hypnosis

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Self-confidence is an attitude, which will allow you to have a positive, yet realistic view of yourself and your situations. When you have self-confidence, you will trust your own abilities, and experience a general sense of control over your life. You will believe that, within reason, you will be able to do what you want to do.

Building Self-Confidence Video 

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There are several techniques that you can use to increase your level of self-confidence. One such technique is called systematic desensitization. With systematic desensitization the client learns to gradually overcome fears and build confidence. 

Systematic desensitization works well in reality. But it can work even more quickly when a person is in a hypnotic state and they simply imagine going through the same experiences as they would in reality. This same technique can be used to eliminate irrational fears and phobias.

Other powerful confidence building techniques come from Neuro-Linguistic Programming. For example: Anchoring is a technique that allows one to access the  confidence that one does possess in certain situations, and then transfer those feelings of confidence to situations where one lacks feelings of confidence.

Since everyone is different, I use a broad variety of both hypnotic and NLP techniques in my Self-Confidence! Hypnosis Programs.

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