Couples Hypnosis: Self-Improvement or Self-Destruction

couples hypnosis unsuccessful coupleCouples Hypnosis
I opened my hypnosis practice in 1978. It wasn’t long after I hung out my shingle and opened my door that I began to book appointments for couples hypnosis, from those who wished my help making personal changes.

Whenever couples have come into my office for hypnotherapy, 90% of the time they are either both totally successful, or they both fail.

That’s because in 99% of those cases, both members of the partnership have an attitude of: “I’ll make this change, if he makes that change. If he doesn’t change, I won’t change.” I call this the couples dynamic.

There is no hypnotic or NLP technique that can force a person to make changes. People only make changes because they want to for themselves, they decide to, and then they take action.

For example: There is no program that will make a smoker quit. The smoker must want to quit. Then he must decide to quit. And then he throws out the cigarettes and he quits.  NLP and hypnotherapy CD’s can help that person to remain a comfortable non-smoker without the need for stress, willpower, or struggle. But the CD’s cannot make him quit and throw the cigarettes away – that is a result of his decision to quit.

Similarly, if a woman wants to lose weight, she must want to lose weight. Then she must decide to lose weight. Then she must follow all of the directions which will cause her to lose her appetite and remain calm. It’s her responsibility to listen to the self-hypnosis sessions every day, and to follow all of the other actions that will cause a weight loss.

Successful Couples Hypnosis

couples hypnosis successful coupleThe only time that one member of a couple who are making a change in tandem is successful, is when that person disconnects what he / she wants to do from what he / she wants the spouse to do. This requires the adoption of a new attitude.



Alan B. Densky
Alan B. Densky, CH

Alan B. Densky opened his hypnosis practice in February of 1978. Since then he has helped over 10,000 clients during private hypnosis sessions. In 2005 Mr. Densky decided that he could help a lot more people by creating a series of multi-session hypnosis programs. These programs typically contain between six and eight different sessions on CD or MP3. Additionally, each session contains several different hypnosis and NLP techniques. This format mirrors the techniques he used in his private office sessions to provide an extremely high degree of success for his clients.


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