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We are now Exercise Motivationdeep into a brand new year. For most people, this means ambitious resolutions, healthy eating, more exercise, and maybe even a reinvigorated gym routine. It is a chance for positive change. The only problem is that this change rarely lasts. Without the right kind of exercise motivation, that ‘brand new you’ is likely to be short lived.

This is not necessarily due to laziness. It does not have to be about missed targets or weak will. To understand why so many exercise regimes get forgotten, you first need to know one thing: The diet and fitness industries are designed for failure. If everybody reached their target weight on the first try, who would buy exercise products?

There would be nobody to renew their gym membership. Nobody would need to buy that third exercise DVD. It is this idea which drives the industry. However, there is a way to take back control. With the right exercise motivation, you can achieve healthy and sustained weight loss. You can get fit, tone up, and transform your life.

The Only Way to Exercise

For any exercise regime to succeed, there needs to be MOTIVATION. But what is ‘motivation?’ What role does it play and why do we need it? Well, if you have ever let a costly gym membership go to waste, you should already have a good idea. As human beings, we need a strong reason to commit to long term goals. This is called our ‘motivation.’

Without the motivation to exercise, a fitness goal can seem unimportant. It might feel too difficult. It might seem like it will take too long to achieve. There might not appear to be a big enough reward. This kind of negative thinking usually leads to the goal being abandoned. So, it is clear to see that motivation is important.

exercise motivation woman with earphonesThe good news is that there is a quick and effective way to boost your exercise motivation. It is called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and it is a non-invasive way to reprogram the subconscious mind. It involves cues, suggestions, and triggers which speak to the subconscious. It differs from hypnotherapy in that it does not involve is being put into a ‘trance.’ The fact is that NLP techniques for motivation can actually be performed without the presence of a hypnotherapist or NLP Programmer, but more on this later.

Combine NLP with some simple self-hypnosis techniques, and you’ve got a very powerful blend of methods that can write motivational programs directly in your subconscious mind.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Our exercise motivation is grounded in what we think and feel. For most, getting fit is at the bottom of a list of priorities. It comes after dining out, watching television, eating chocolates, drinking wine, and so on. To change this, all that you need to do is switch the list around. The compulsion to exercise needs to become more important than the rest.

Exercise Motivation Girl On BackThe benefits of using hypnosis for motivation then are plentiful. You will not only find it easier to stick with exercise plans, they will simply stop being a chore. This is very important. If exercising stops being something to dread, it can become something to enjoy. If you are not counting every second of effort, the time will start to fly by.

Before you know it, you are charging through workouts and looking forward to the next one. With the right exercise motivation, missed targets are no longer a problem. So, if you are keen to lose a few pounds or sculpt out some killer abs, motivation to exercise hypnosis is the key. It can be practiced independently, at home. This makes it one of the most cost efficient ways to get fit and stay fit.

Hypnosis Vs Traditional Methods

The internet is filled with fitness and exercise advice. There are countless ‘motivational’ tips online. Yet, the vast majority focus on ‘getting through’ workouts. They treat exercise in the same unhealthy way that most of us do. They frame it as a chore. Something to power through, so that we can get back to the good stuff.

exercise motivationThis is where the problem lies. It looks like motivation, but does not do the same job. With NLP techniques and Erickson hypnosis for exercise motivation, the aim is to make exercise important. How important? Much more important than things like fast food, wine, and television. It reframes perceptions of exercise. With motivation hypnosis, getting fit is something you will enjoy doing.

Hypnosis (and NLP) work simply because they speak directly to the subconscious. This gives carefully constructed suggestions the ability to bypass all conscious resistance. Think about what is likely to happen if a doctor or fitness expert simply tells you ‘Exercise more.’ Your brain is going to come up with a hundred reasons to resist. There is not enough time. You don’t have the right equipment. The gym is too expensive. The kids are bound to get in the way.

The power of exercise motivation hypnosis lies with its ability to reframe these things and make exercise a very high priority in your life. With the right perspective, ‘too busy’ becomes ‘walk to work instead of drive.’ If you do not have the right equipment, why not treat yourself next payday? The gym might be too costly, but the world can be your gym. As for the kids, get them involved in at home workouts. Or, work out when the little ones have gone to bed.

The Power of NLP for Exercise Motivation

NLP techniques are very powerful. Yet, they rely on simple methods. They involve cues, triggers, and suggestions directed at the subconscious. Sometimes, they are partially concealed in music or a narrative. Other times, they take vivid mental images and attach new meanings to them. This can work even better if there is an ‘anchor.’

nlp anchorFor example, you could be told to paste a picture of a thinner you, up on a kitchen wall at home. To create a kinesthetic anchor, every time you see the picture, you press two fingers together. After a few repetitions, this gesture will become associated with the positive feelings evoked by the image. Once the subconscious association is created, you won’t need the picture anymore. Simply performing the gesture will be enough to bring back the motivational feeling.

Then, you can perform the gesture anywhere, at any time. You can return to it whenever you need a motivational boost. This could be in the gym. It could be while opting for salad instead of pizza. It could be in the supermarket. This is just one basic example of how powerful NLP anchors can be. They are so effective, because they rely on creating positive associations at the subconscious level of mind, rather than trying  to trick the brain into enjoying exercise or healthy eating.

In 1999, Bargh conducted a study which demonstrated that external sensations can be converted into internal ones. He did this by asking one group of people to hold hot coffee.  A second group of people were told to hold a cold drink. The group with the hot drink talked more positively. They described more positive feelings and responses. In many ways, anchoring works on the same principles. It converts a physical sensation (finger pressing in this example) into a trigger for an emotional feeling.

Making Ericksonian Hypnosis Exercise Motivation Work for You

brain exercise motivationTraditional Hypnosis offers an effective way to introduce positivity and good feelings into a workout. Ericksonian hypnosis (or conversational hypnosis) is the method of choice for people who are overly analytical in nature. To build up exercise motivation, symbolic stories (called metaphors) are used. These narratives are packed with cues and triggers. For instance, you might be told the story of a duckling who transforms into a swan. But the transformation occurs at a precise time. It happens after the duckling eats or drinks something particular.

The suggestions can take almost any form. But they do need to relate to practical and easily repeatable signals. So, the time of transformation might be 6.45pm. A time at which you could, feasibly, head out to the gym every day. The food might be a granola bar or an apple. Both foods which you might eat for energy before a workout. Whenever you see these ‘signals,’ you are going to think about working out.

If combined with an NLP anchor, exercise motivation is going to be at its highest. Your brain is anticipating a workout. And when you trigger the anchor, the prospect of working out feels like a positive one.

An anchor can be created by associating any stimulus, Example: A touch, a sound, a picture, even a time on the clock, with an inner feeling. If you know how, it’s possible to subconsciously associate a feeling of motivation to exercise with a specific time on the clock. Then, everytime that you see that time on the clock, you will feel a powerful urge to exercise!

Plus, NLP and / or hypnosis for exercise motivation is easy to practice. With a professional audio recording, you don’t even need to pay for a formal session. There are scores of high quality MP3s and CDs available online.

Building Exercise Motivation with Self Hypnosis

facial tics in children CDROMSIf given the proper attention, a self-hypnosis CD or MP3 is just as effective as a one on one session, and it costs significantly less. It can be repeated as many times as you like. You can listen to a CD or MP3 recording anywhere, at any time. It is important for the NLP techniques to have been created by a professional, however. To be effective, the suggestions must be constructed by an expert.

All that you have to do is find a suitable place to listen. This is likely to be at home. It could be just before bed or before work in the morning. Listening to a session or two during the daytime will greatly amplify the results. If possible, listen in a quiet space. Young children and pets should not be allowed to distract you. The more closely you focus on the content of the recording, the more effective it will be.


Alan B. Densky, CH
Author: Alan B. Densky, CH

Everyone responds differently to hypnotic suggestion, but results should be evident after anywhere between one day and a few weeks. Your motivation will grow a little bit stronger with each passing day. Your thought patterns will begin to change and you will naturally see exercise as a positive process. It will become something to enjoy. And, as a consequence, getting the body that you want will finally be easy.



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I think it’s an effective program. . .  I like it.

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