How to Be More of a Positive Introvert

Being a positive introvert is more than being happy.

As an introvert, we might believe a false label put on us like, “you just don’t’ seem happy.” It could be because of an incorrect assessment of how being positive looks.

–   It’s not all or nothing.


Not one of us, regardless of our personality preference, is happy all the time.

One area of our life might be a challenge and still, we are happy overall. We can be sad for someone we love but be happy in our personal life. It seems those of us more introverted are as happy when we listen to others speaking, as extroverts are happy when they are the ones doing the talking.

–   Separate being positive as willingness.

Maybe something in your personal life is of concern to you and it’s flowing into your work life. One possible solution might be to be willing to work to keep the two separate.

As introverts, we typically do our best work on our own and without distractions or multitasking. This type of focus can turn into an immediate advantage.

Be willing to plan purposefully in quieter activities before, during and after any team or group work. This purposeful planning will allow you to show up more refreshed, more energized and with more focus on work opportunities rather than issues at home.

–   Question your beliefs.

There is research supporting when introverts act more extroverted we too are happier, although none of it is conclusive.

About the only thing conclusive most introvert authors and coaches believe is that we are happy when we do what we know makes us happy, not what makes someone else happy.

If you are under the misconception that the best way to be more positive is to be more extroverted, it’s time to change.


Find ways to become positive at a moments need: put on a smile, don’t overthink things, and just start your day off in some positive way like listening or reading something inspiring. Be your most optimistic self in the little things and it will be that way over all in time.

How would you rate yourself as a positive person?

What else might give you an impression that someone is a positive person?

Patricia Weber

Patricia Weber

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