10 Favorite Life Power Tips

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10 favorite life power tips you could apply to your own life…

Life Power Tip Quote 2At my Forward Steps site, visitors can sign up for a series of 365 Forward Steps Notes.

One of the elements in each of those 365 Notes is a Life Power Tip.

They’re simply a short self improvement snippet to get you thinking and to perhaps take on board for your own life.

For today’s article, I collected ten of my favorites and have listed them for you, here below.

In the words of Oliver Wendell Holmes, “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions”.

As you read each of the 10 life power tips below, remember too the words of Bruce Lee…

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.”

I have not listed these 10 life power tips in any particular order. These are only 10 of a total of 365 and I have done my best to select my favorites. I am sure that if you were to ask me my ten favorites next week, they might all be different!

1. Practice abundance, daily. Practicing abundance requires letting go of stuff and believing that there is more. Every day, give something, share something or be a bigger person because you know there is enough to go around. “Each act of generosity on your part sends a signal to the world that you are in touch with your abundance.” -Tim Sanders

2. Expect a miracle every day. Miracles do happen. Look for them and notice them. Think about it…I can move my arm and fingers to type these words… THAT IS a miracle. Your eyes and mind read them and interpret their meaning… THAT IS a miracle. Develop an attitude of gratitude. Look for, and notice, the miracles because they are everywhere.

3. Get real with yourself. Take inventory of your daily activities. Look closely at what works and what doesn’t, then be honest with yourself and do something about each of them. If you’ve got something in your life that’s not working, get it working or get it out of there.

Life Power Tips Quote 14. Add “2 Golden Hours” to each of your days. No matter how busy you think you are or how little time you believe you have, this will transform the way you view time. Include 2 Golden Hours into every day. These can be one after the other or two separate hours. One is for relaxed time e.g. reading inspiring books, listing to motivational audios, brainstorming desires for your life, creating projects. The other is an hour during which you focus and work on automatic, mundane tasks e.g. clearing your files, organizing a cupboard, attending to overdue emails. Schedule these two hours and stick to what you said! You’ll then have included 60 very productive hours to each month.

5. Do you still have something to prove? Who to and why? Do you need to get that out of the way for yourself before you can go forward and ’create’ the future that you really want for yourself? Check in and see if your current goals are there because you believe that you still have something to prove or if they are created goals from the heart and passion-filled.

6. Compete with yourself. It’s better than competing with other people. Comparing is a trap. It can so easily be used as an opportunity to beat yourself up because you’re “not as good as” someone else. When you experience victories over yourself and your fears or your procrastination then you’ll feel much more energised to continue taking action on your goals. It will raise your self-esteem and therefore improve personal performance.

7. Do something for which you have a passion. Do you know what you love? When was the last time you engaged in your most loved past-times? Create a list of your passions and loves, then take action in a few of those every month. Time is like money, it’s a resource and a tool for our lives when it is specifically allocated by us. There are plenty around you who are ready and willing to use it for you. Today, you get on the road to deciding how your time will be spent in the future.

8. All that matters is what are you going to do now? What you did yesterday, or even 1 minute ago, is now gone. What you plan to do 5 minutes from now and what you plan to do tomorrow, do not yet exist. All that you have is this very moment, now. What will you do with it?

9. The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little. Look back over the life you have already lived. What do you see? Very often it is brief moments. Very often they are the little things and the little moments. Now…guess what will be there when you are 96 years old and looking back over the life you lived? Again, I would assert it will be a collection of “moments”. When friends or family speak of you at your funeral, I would assert it will again be “moments” with you that they share. What moments are you creating today?

10. Quit making worrying a habit. Worrying drains energy. Has it ever produced a tangible result for you? Remember that worrying is not an action! Here’s a great quote about worrying, from Mark Twain, “I am an old man and have known many troubles, but most of them never happened”.

Thea Westra
Thea Westra

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