How To Quit Chewing Tobacco Painlessly

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Have you wondered how to quit chewing tobacco without discomfort or willpower?

how to quit chewing tobacco
Chewing Tobacco

How to quit chewing tobacco as easily as possible is a question that is on many tobacco chewer’s minds. Anyone who has ever been addicted to nicotine knows the love and hate relationship. You love it because it gives you the pleasurable feelings you are looking for. You hate it because it’s a nasty habit that drags you around. That’s not even to mentioning the health problems it will cause. Plus, quitting is painful. Do you wonder how to quit chewing tobacco without the pain?

“Tobacco is a dirty weed. I like it.
It satisfies no normal need. I like it.
It makes you thin, it makes you lean…
Its the worst darn stuff I’ve ever seen.
I like it.”
-Graham Lee Hemminger Tobacco

Research on Tobacco Dipping

how to quit chewing tobacco chewing tobacco effects
Mouth cancer from chewing tobacco

The National Cancer Institute, the National Institutes on Drug Abuse, and the American Cancer Society sponsored research. Their research indicates that using smokeless tobacco creates a severe danger of exposure to higher amounts of cancer-causing compounds than smoking cigarette does.



Nicotine makes its way to the brain in less than 10 seconds.

Nicotine makes its way to the brain in less than 10 seconds. There, it causes a flood of dopamine. Dopamine gives you a feeling of pleasure or calm. Nicotine also stimulates adrenaline production. This gives you both a feeling of energy and peace. Your body becomes dependent on these reactions, not just the nicotine.

Quitting smokeless tobacco can be much more difficult than quitting smoking. Especially when you take into account most users start far younger than smokers. Eight to ten dips a day equals 30 to 40 cigarettes a day!

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports the average age for the first use of smokeless tobacco is 10 years old.

Side Effects of Quitting Chewing Tobacco Can Be:

how to quit chewing tobacco nail-biting man• Anger and irritability
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Weight gain
• Dizziness
• Headaches
• Mouth sores and sore throat
• Sleeplessness and increased dreaming

Health problems such as oral or gastrointestinal cancer have been known to appear in young users before they even reach their twenties. Most of these cancers have no known cure. Those struck by this type of cancer are usually left maimed by surgery, if they live.

Traditional How to Quit Chewing Tobacco Methods:

• Nicotine gum, lozenges, patch
• Support group
• Prescription drugs

Traditional methods can help you when you decide to stop chewing tobacco. The nicotine addiction makes up only part of the addiction. Nicotine addiction is broken after seven days of abstinence. The psychological addiction however is much stronger. It takes much more effort and a longer time to break.

“It’s easy to quit. I have quit at least a hundred times.”
-Author Unknown

The Things You Do Daily While Having Tobacco Trigger a Craving.

Along with your addiction to the nicotine, you have developed conditioned responses. These mental connections psychologically tie you to your habit. You may associate a need for tobacco with getting off work, turning on the TV, or finishing a meal. The things you do daily while having tobacco end up triggering a craving. The habit is ingrained. This is what makes breaking the addiction to chewing tobacco so difficult.

90% of a tobacco addiction involves mental and emotional components.

How to quit chewing tobacco if the nicotine isn’t even what is making you so miserable?

How to Quit Chewing Tobacco: Hypnosis to The Rescue

how to quit chewing tobacco KickBaccMost consulting hypnotists will use a from of traditional hypnosis. Traditional hypnosis typically utilizes a ritualistic hypnotic induction. This is a process that leads the subject from the normal waking state, into trance.

Once the subject is in a hypnotic state, the hypnotist makes a series of direct suggestions like these. “You will want to stop dipping. If you chew tobacco, it will taste bitter.”

Hypnosis works because it allows new ideas to be funneled directly into the subconscious mind. The subconscious is the seat of our automatic behaviors. Traditional hypnosis is fine for people who like to be told what to do. However, it is counter productive for people who are analytical in nature. Analytical people will generally have a polarity response and do the opposite of what they are told to do.

Quit Smokeless Chewing Tobacco Painlessly By:

1) Eliminate the tension or anxiety that compels you to chew tobacco
2) Erase (extinguish) conditioned responses

how to quit chewing tobacco stress managementSelf-hypnosis to stop chewing tobacco will address your emotional and  psychological ties to tobacco and eliminate withdrawal. Most ‘how to quit chewing tobacco’ programs focus on how to quit consciously. Since hypnosis tackles the unconscious addiction, it is much more successful than traditional quit chewing tobacco methods.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy, performed by a trained professional, is a much more effective approach for people who are analytical in nature. It can be used to ease anxiety and stress. Suggestions are made within conversation and metaphors while the client is in the alpha state. This method helps to bypass the critical thinking that takes place in the conscious mind, so that suggestions make it into the unconscious / subconscious mind. This helps with stress reduction and relaxation.

An Innovative Therapeutic Method Called the NLP “Flash”

An innovative therapeutic method called the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) “Flash” is used to break the unconscious associations between tobacco and the behaviors and environments it has been associated with.

For example: If you chew tobacco while watching TV, after a few repetitions you’ll crave tobacco whenever you start watching TV. If you chew tobacco after a meal, then you’ll crave tobacco after each meal.

The “Flash” is used to reprogram your reaction to triggers (unconscious associations). So, instead of feeling a craving for tobacco after a meal, you’ll feel a compulsion to NOT chew tobacco!

Three Prerequisites to Successfully Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

It’s important to note that there are three prerequisites to successfully quitting tobacco, or for that matter, making any change in a person’s life.

  1. The person must want to quit dipping smokeless tobacco.
  2. The person must make an honest decision to quit dipping smokeless tobacco.
  3. The person must learn how to quit dipping tobacco, without having to suffer through withdrawal.

Tom W. started chewing tobacco with his buddies when he was 12, because they thought it was cool. He thought it was safer than smoking. Ten years later, when he learned the dangers, he couldn’t quit. Quitting chewing tobacco made him too jittery and uncomfortable.

A friend told him about a self-hypnosis program that helped him quit without any weight gain. Tom purchased the Kick Bacc!” Audio Hypnosis and NLP Program online.

Tom was able to leave tobacco behind while remaining comfortable, without gaining weight. He reports, “Thank you so much for your program – I  feel like it really saved my life!”


chewing tobacco effects
Effects of chewing tobacco

Stop wondering how to quit chewing tobacco without the pain. Leave the side effects of quitting chewing tobacco behind. Break the addiction without willpower. Quit chewing tobacco without withdrawal symptoms or weight-gain.

How to quit chewing tobacco is painless and natural with self-hypnosis for quitting chewing tobacco.

It’s Time For You To KickBacc! Chewing Tobacco

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They helped cure me of a disgustingly addictive drug.

Don Goudy, DDS
Don Goudy, DDS

Helping people quit chewing tobacco is an important part of my job being a dentist.

More importantly I was a chewer and needed to listen to my own advice. That is how I discovered your tapes. They helped cure me of a disgustingly addictive drug and I pass that advice along to a lot of my patients.

Dr. Goudy succeeded with Alan B. Densky’s
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