Five Methods of ‘Visualizing’. Which Do You Use?

visualizingVisualizing: What method do you use?

I get a lot of people who write to me and say something like “I don’t visualize well”, or “I just can’t SEE images in my mind”, or “I have a hard time visualizing”.

Well, it’s not essential that you literally “see” all the images if that is not your way of “visualizing”. Some people can see in their imagination very well, and others have more of a feeling or a desire. So maybe instead of calling it visualizing, we should call it “Imagining” and you do have a way of doing that.

Imagining is what we do as humans, and while here on earth we need to learn to do it responsibly and effectively.

Think of a time when you really wanted something. Whatever you were doing when you were ‘wanting’ that thing or event, that is the way you ‘visualize’. Here are the five most common ways of giving your “picture” to the universe.

There are people who do each of these methods, and some use a combination of them.

  1. See in their mind’s eye – visual images inside.
  1. Project a picture “outside” themselves.
  1. Experience themselves in the imagined event – as if looking out from their own eyes.
  1. Feel the emotion and energy of having what they want (or what they fear), but don’t see much.
  1. Use verbal descriptions of events and objects.

All of these are OK. Most of us use a combination of them. Don’t get hung up on not being able to “visualize” the way some people do. You don’t even need to think of the word “visualize”. You can call it Imagining or even “Desiring”.

All you need to do is to let the universe know exactly what you are wanting, with emotion and with the expectation that you will receive it.

Here is another test to see how you “visualize”. Think of the last time you were very anxious or afraid. All fear comes when we imagine that something undesirable is going to happen. We imagine detailed future scenarios. Which of the methods above did you use to imagine the feared event?

Yet another test to figure out your method of imagining, is to catch yourself in the middle of a sexual daydream (running a desire or scenario in your mind). Then see exactly which of the five methods you were using. That is your method.

Accepting your method of imagining is important because it leads to relaxation, which increases your ability to manifest what you want. When you are resisting imagining or get frustrated because you don’t think you can do it, that leads to tightness. As I’ve shared earlier in another post, tightness leads to a restriction in your flow of blessings and manifesting power.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t improve on the way you visualize or imagine. You definitely can improve with practice, just as you can improve on any skill with practice.

I truly believe the skill of using our mind effectively and with focus is one of the most important skills of all. This is why I’ve spent the last ten years helping people to gain this skill and all of the myriad benefits that come along with it.


visualizing Christopher Westra
Christopher Westra

Bio: Christopher is the author of “I Create Reality: How to Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires”.  He loves to read, write, create websites, and run up mountains for fun.

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