Holographic Creation: 3 Specific Ways to Use it for Others

holographic creation visualizing

holographic creation visualizingOn my Holographic Creation sheet I have a whole section on “Holographic Creation for Others”. You can get a free Holographic Creation Sheet right here.

I encourage others to use Holographic Creation more for events, scenarios, and experiences, than to manifest “things”. So it’s a powerful mental rehearsal method, and you can use it to bring a better life to others, and not just yourself.

A couple of years ago I was strongly influenced by a blog post from Tynan about “The Experience the Other Person Wants to Have.” I enjoy his posts very much – he really thinks about things. I’ve shared that post with many people, and now I’ve shared it with you.

Three specific ways to use Holographic Creation for others.

He starts his post by saying, “I know that I’m more self-centered than I should be.” Yes, we all tend to be selfish, but we can overcome this with practice and effort. I’ll give you three specific ways to use Holographic Creation for others. This will help you to be more loving and extend your energy in positive ways.

  1. The first way to use Holographic Creation (mental rehearsal) for others is for upcoming social situations. This could be a date, a party, or just breakfast with the family before kids go to school and parents leave for work.

If you are running on autopilot (default behavior), then most likely you are only thinking about the experience YOU want to have. In the morning scenario, you want the socks picked up, and the bowls in the sink, and for everybody to remember things they are supposed to do.

But is that the experience everyone else wants to have?

Maybe your wife wants to have a hug and a kiss and a kind “I love you” before she leaves. Perhaps John wants you to remember that he has a math test today, and for you to wish him well. Christina may want the experience of you asking about her skinned knee and showing some love in that way.

We have thousands and thousands of social interactions in a year. Imagine the increase of love and care in the world if we all just took a moment to prepare for these situations. Take just a few moments and think, “What is the experience the other person wants to have?”

2.  You can also use Holographic Creation for family and friends even when you are not present with them. Use your mental rehearsal skills to imagine a positive outcome when John has his math test. See John in your “mind’s eye”. Picture him relaxed and confident and ready. See him nearly done with the test, feeling good about what he has accomplished. Picture him coming through the door in the afternoon and telling you that he did great!

Can John “feel” what you are imagining for him? I know he can.

You can use this for any event that a friend or loved one is participating in. Again, just think, “What is the experience the other person wants to have?” Let that vision guide your thoughts.

3.  The final way to use Holographic Creation for others is for those you don’t even know. With our modern communication we hear about earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, and famines in far away parts of the world.

Your thoughts direct energy.

We are all connected, and your thoughts direct energy. Use some of your thought energy to imagine the experience that these people would like to have. Imagine those impacted finding food and shelter through local relief efforts. Imagine them feeling comforted and hopeful even in the midst of calamity. Do your part physically also by donating where you can, and joining in relief efforts when people near you suffer disaster or hard times.

To recap, you can use Holographic Creation to imagine the experience that other people would like to have. You can do this for social situations where you are present, for friends and loved ones when they have a special event, and for people throughout the world when they need it.

Surprisingly, by focusing less on yourself, you will actually be happier.


love Christopher WestraBio: Christopher is the author of “I Create Reality: How to Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires”.  He loves to read, write, create websites, and run up mountains for fun. Click here for a video on Nine Manifesting Secrets and Tools



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