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Warnings & Disclaimers



IMPORTANT: NEVER to listen to binaural beats while you 
need to remain awake.

HEADPHONES: You MUST use headphones when listening to 
ANY of the binaural beat recordings.

CAUTIONS: Those who are epileptic should not use brainwave 
entrainment technology without the approval of an appropriate 
medical physician. However rare, there is a risk of seizure 
associated with individuals who are predisposed to epileptic 
fits. Consult your doctor directly if you have any questions 
or concerns regarding audio brainwave entrainment technology's 
effect on epilepsy.

CAUTIONS CONTINUED: Other individuals, such as those using a pacemaker, suffering a serious mental condition, or pregnant, are not recommended to use brainwave entrainment.

1) None of our products are intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any physical or mental condition or dysfunction.

2) Some products may contains flashing images. Do not load such products if you are susceptible to health problems due to flashing images. Seek medical advice if you are unsure.

3) Some products may induce a state of hypnosis. Do not load such products if you are susceptible to health problems due to hypnosis. Seek medical advice if you are unsure.

4) You may wish to consult a physician before using brainwave entrainment products, such as binaural beat recordings. 

5) Do NOT use these products if you suffer from epilepsy. 

6) Do NOT use these products if you suffer from any serious mental disorder, if you are pregnant, if you wear a pacemaker, if you are prone to seizures, if you are photosensitive, or if you are under the influence of medication or drugs. 

7) We also recommend that users of brainwave entrainment products should be over 18 years of age. Do NOT use brainwave entrainment products when you need to stay awake, are driving, or operating machinery. 

8) Seek medical advice if unsure of any of these warnings. 

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