How You Can Clear Your Emotional Blocks

clear emotional blocks

How You Can Clear Your Emotional Blocks?

clear emotional blocks
Clear Emotional Blocks

Anger and other negative emotions (resentment, disappointment, etc.) are very instructive for us. These emotions teach us what we don’t want in life.

If we listen, we can learn a lot from these emotions.

Then we can look to the opposite of what we don’t want, which nearly always is what we do want! So look at these negative emotions as wonderful gifts to us.

We created the conditions of our life that led to these negative emotions.

We created the conditions of our life that led to these negative emotions and emotional blocks. Certain lessons need to be learned and then we can rise above these emotions into more positive ones (and the quicker the better, right?)

Unfortunately, this often isn’t what we do. We deny and suppress the emotion out of fear and misunderstanding, and this leads to emotional blockages. These blockages are real and affect us physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.

So the first thing to understand is that our emotional blocks are not the same as negative emotions. When you feel the emotion, name it, accept it, and let it flow, then it was never “blocked” for you.

The harm comes not from the emotion, but from the block that occurs when you resist the emotion and fail to recognize and name it. I spend a lot of time helping people to focus on what they want, rather than what they DON’T want. However, There are times that you do need to realize and even accept what you don’t want.

The ONLY time you should focus on what you don’t want, is when you have a negative energy or a blockage that you need to clear.

If you try to block what you really feel, and suppress your emotions, you will not be as successful at creating what you want in your life. Your energy will be divided, and thus not flow properly.

How do you know if you have an emotional block?

You have a block when you:

  • Feel really stuck on not wanting something to happen.
  • Experience a grasping sense of urgency to get out of a situation.
  • Feel fearful and frustrated.
  • Take things personally.

There are hundreds more, but that should give you a helpful picture.  When you have one of the situations above (or something like it), let yourself feel what you feel. Recognize that you don’t want this particular situation or event.

Ask what it means for you. Ask “What am I thinking about this situation that is bringing me these emotions.?”  This questioning will lead you to your beliefs. Some of your beliefs may need changing.

Write down your feelings and beliefs on a sheet of paper. Let yourself fully feel what you feel, even if you feel sad, inferior, stupid, guilty, or trapped. Feel this with the purpose to let it flow, to let it release. Emotions are in motion, and will change into something else if you let them flow rather than blocking them.

Then after a couple of minutes, release it. Take the sheet of paper and burn it or shred it.

Can you do it without writing it down? Sometimes. Writing clarifies thinking. When you are experiencing an emotional block you aren’t clear about your feelings and beliefs, so the extra clarity that comes from writing REALLY helps. It only takes a few minutes, and the benefits are real.

A major part of the extra clarity that you need comes from properly naming your emotion. This will give you power and freedom. Here is a Negative Emotions List you can use to increase your emotional I.Q.

When you can identify that you feel Abandoned, Aggravated, or Antagonistic, you are way ahead of the person who can only identify that he or she feels “Bad”. Increasing your emotional I.Q. will also help in your relationships.

Keep the list handy for the next time you have an emotional block.


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