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depressionDepression can be compared to a black hole.

Anything that comes near it gets sucked in and it can feel impossible to pull yourself back out. The more depressed a person becomes, the less they begin to care. Usually this process continues until one of two things is done. Either the person battles back against their depression and wins in the war to get their life back or they simply give up and let depression rule their life which never has any positive outcomes.

Are you concerned that you may be stuck in a depressive state? If so, it will be much easier to begin doing something about it now instead of waiting until it completely infiltrates your entire life.

So the question is, what can you do to begin battling your depression? There are many techniques that people use in order to battle depression but one in particular, self-growth, seems to work very well.

When I speak of self-growth I am not referring to physically making yourself larger. Self-growth refers to techniques that are designed to help people boost their self-image, self-respect, confidence and general outlook on life amongst many other things.

A few examples of self-growth techniques would be:

• Affirmations
Affirmations are very powerful when it comes to battling depression. The idea behind them is simple, repeat something positive about yourself enough times and your subconscious will begin to believe it. It is believed that they are so effective because the subconscious mind is much more susceptible to changes than the conscious mind is.

• Meditation
Many people use meditation as a self-growth technique. Meditation requires discipline and teaches people to connect with their inner-self. This connection is very important when it comes to determining what the root of an individual’s depression may be.

• Yoga
Believe it or not, yoga can be used as a form of self-growth. There are poses that are designed to help people who are experiencing depression. The best part about this technique is the fact that it will provide you with a little bit of exercise as well.

One of the most important tools to battle depression is your mindset and how you perceive things. Using self-growth, you will be able to mature yourself mentally which will allow you to see the world in a whole new light.

One of the best things about using self-growth techniques is the fact that it does not require the use of prescribed medications. Here’s a fun fact, many anti-depressants can have side-effects of depression as well as suicidal tendencies. If you ask me, it is quite ridiculous to try and cure something with a medicine that can cause something even worse.

Your mind is unbelievably powerful. It is so powerful that you can actually use it to solve problems, such as depression, without medications. Using this power in combination with self-growth skills can create an unstoppable force that depression will not stand a chance against.

You deserve a happy life as well as everyone else in the world. After all, it is not like we exist for the sole purpose of being tortured, even though it may sometimes feel that way.

You can make sunshine once again break through the black cloud of depression that has been following you! Begin using self-growth techniques now and take the reins of life back into your hand!

Here are more tools to beat depression in a safe and easy way.



For the past 20 years, Stephanie Mulac has been recognized worldwide as a leading expert in the personal growth area, and ways to change your life. She is an author, speaker, and Intuitive Life Coach, and has been a facilitator for 1000s of people worldwide in guiding them to manifest the life of their dreams and lead an extraordinary existence!


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