Authenticity is the simplest way to energize your introvert

energize your introvert

Ever wonder how to energize your introvert?

Have you read or are you familiar with Oscar Wilde’s novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray? Dorian’s vanity caused him to wish for his portrait being always painted to show him as an aging man, and he would stay youthful in his everyday appearance.

When it was required reading during my school days, we teased out so many different lessons.

One for those of us more introverted, trying to be more extroverted, is that to be authentic what’s on our inside has to be reflected in how we live on the outside. There’s no need to wish otherwise.

Authenticity is the simplest way to energize your introvert.

Some research  finds being authentic correlates with greater well-being. When we linger beyond what we know to be wise for ourselves at a party or business networking event, we can feel those energy leaks the next day.

In being authentic, we honor ourselves. Behaving in-authentically to please others is no guarantee we will be happier. Consider the drastic recent conversion of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner as an extreme example. Some of the video interviews revealed the sadness and pain in the years of hiding instead of honoring.

energize your introvertMore research by Kernis and Goldman says that authenticity includes being in relationships in which we can act naturally and be accepted. Can you imagine not being able to share your innermost fears or thoughts because of feeling you need to be or behave as someone you are not?

Being anything but ourselves can be an energy vampire.

Gray’s portrait changed to an ugly side of himself in part because he denied seeing his true self. Maybe in denying our self of who we are, with our gifts, our talents and contribution to life and business, a part of us will be wasted.

If inauthenticity is an energy vampire for you, what can you do to maintain your authenticity?

Summary: Authenticity is the simplest way to energize your introvert.

Patricia Weber
Patricia Weber

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