Valuable ways to restore your introvert heart and soul

As an introvert married to an extrovert, I find some life situations a challenge. We have learned to consider my preferences for engaging at parties, social gatherings, and how many socializing events I can manage well during any particular period.

We communicate and understand each other to the degree we willingly negotiate different triggers for me. When we leave a party; that I take a long break from an event if necessary and even me saying, “I’m passing on this one,” are all on the table. Here are few ideas to get you started with

Valuable ways to restore your introvert heart and soul 

Guard your timeintrovert heart and soul

Use your calendar. For most of us the saying goes, if it matters, schedule it. By keeping your highest priorities on your calendar or a list frees up your mind for deeper thinking.

Part of our preference of deliberation may include planning, but planning becomes real when it has scheduled times.

Your calendar is a perfect tool to manage your time better. Imagine you look at the week ahead and see a variety of activities. You have a business networking event, a family get-together and a local (or even online) book club meeting. If you see a balance of both extroverting and introverting activities, you’ll find it’s one of the most valuable ways to restore your introvert heart and soul.

But check your scheduling. Have you scheduled alone time? Yes, it’s that important sometimes.

listen-to-restore-your-introvert-heart-and-soulListen to your body

Do you pay attention to your body? Get active.

If you don’t exercise regularly, start with something like 5 minutes of stepping in place or 5 minutes of walking. Recently I joined an online Meltdown Challenge.

A key benefit of this challenge is the requirement to log in for many health habits including exercise. And a main benefit of exercise is more energy. The Meltdown Challenge claim is, “Competitive Wellness Challenges introduce and unite like-minded individuals with similar goals to achieve greater success.” When a group is online, it can easily serve as accountability without the drain of meeting the group in-person.

Find your inspiration

While we can put out the energy into interactive activities, that isn’t what inspires us most. Put some of your time into what usually works for you.

Consider taking a walk in a park.

Drop by a library just to browse books.

Read a chapter in a book to refocus.

Get out in the fresh air when the sun is shining.get-inspiration-to-restore-your-introvert-heart-and-soul

Listen to your favorite music to pump you up.

I will often call a close friend to say hello and do a quick catch-up.

The key is to act so you can find your inspiration.

Can you think of some other things that work for you to restore your introvert energy? 

Can you add to valuable ways to restore your introvert heart and soul?

Patricia Weber introvert
Patricia Weber

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