Are you a happy introvert or extrovert?

Research, if helpful, is still inconclusive about who is happier between extroverts or introverts. What is conclusive is being happy is up to each person to take actions that make each, and others around us happy.

Are you a happy introvert or extrovert?

When my husband had quintuple bypass surgery some years ago, during his ICU (intensive cardiac unit) stay he motioned with his hands for a pen and something to write on. He wrote, “jazz.” Being a time before the prevalence of smartphones, I went home to get a portable radio. We tuned into his favorite local jazz radio station. The nurse and I talked the next morning. He and two other recovering patients slept as happily and peacefully as anyone had in her many years in the unit. She remarked, “music apparently makes us happy.”

Here are some introvert friendly suggestions to get you started making both short term and long term more sustainable happiness.

happiness-actionsShort term get-happy ideas

Listen to your favorite music. Notice I didn’t say a particular type of music. It doesn’t matter what your favorite music is. Just listen to it!

Gratitude journaling. Studies show that being grateful creates long-term happiness. Be consistent, morning or evening, with writing 3 to 5 things, from the past or present, you are grateful.

Watch funny movies or videos. When I peeked in on my husband as he moved to the next level of hospital care, he was watching – and laughing along with – old comedy shows.

Exercise. Find some way you can enjoy exercising. Various studies over the year find exercise to be a great stress reliever.

Get enough sleep. One study of a half-million Americans reports a direct correlation between how happy a person is and the amount of sleep or rest a person gets each day.

Smile more often. Just try it and see: put a smile on your face now.

Help someone else. As the lyrics to the 1960’s song go, “Make just one, someone happy And you will be happy too.”

Let go of over-analyzing because it can be a path to worry and uncertainty.

Long term happiness boost

Reflect on positive events in your life. One event is all you need.

Make a list of your best attributes. Ask a close friend to help with this if your modesty gets in the way.

Spend more time focusing on the positive. Alone or with friends, avoid or minimize the negative.

Each day appreciate the small things. If you journal gratitude daily, this will be easy.

Family, neighbors, networking. The people we know and hang around with influence our happiness. Who do you connect with?

We may not be able to control each daily event or significant life event, but it can be helpful though to look at happiness more broadly over our life. It affects our health, relationships, and performance.

Happiness isn’t just a good feeling. And there is no one size fits all.

Play around with what makes you happy.

What makes you the happiest?

Are you a happy introvert or extrovert?

Patricia Weber
Patricia Weber

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