Three Benefits from Going Straight for the Emotions You Want to Feel

Last week I talked just a bit about emotions. Today I’ll present a bit more that has proven useful for people over many years.

My counseling work has shown me that most people are very poor at identifying their emotions. They don’t even know what emotion they are feeling at any given time. Some people are very limited in their emotional repertoire, recognizing sad, mad, and happy but little else.

The more positive emotions you can feel and create and resonate with, the more successful you will be at manifesting what you want in life.

Why is this?

Well, it’s because emotions set up the “Attraction” part of the “Law of Attraction”. You may have heard that “Like attracts Like” and this is certainly true. What this means is that you attract power with power, confidence with confidence, and love with love.

This also means that you can’t attract power from a feeling of powerlessness, confidence from a feeling of doubt, or love from feeling abandoned.

Try to figure out WHY you want what you want. You will learn about yourself! Sometimes what you say you want is only a clue to what you really want.

To gain clarity, for every desire you have, ask yourself “for what purpose”? Or another way of framing the question is to ask, “What emotion do I think I will achieve by getting what I’m desiring?”

You’ll find that you want the new suit to feel successful, you want the new boyfriend (or girlfriend) to feel accepted and loved, and more money so that you feel more confident.

Once you have identified the emotion you want to feel more of, own it and accept it. It’s OK. We are emotional beings. Write down the name of the emotion. Over time, expand your repertoire of emotional words. If you do this same exercise for all of your desires, you will gain three benefits.

Benefit #1: You will learn about yourself and your true reasons for wanting what you want.

Benefit #2: As you identify what you really want (love, acceptance, recognition), you will find a shorter or more effective means of getting it. You’ll find quick ways to bring that emotion into your life today, this hour, right this minute.

Benefit #3: When you do start feeling the love, confidence, or enthusiasm you want, then the magic starts. Even if you only feel them in a small way, these emotions then attract MORE of those emotions into your life! When you attract the emotion you want, you also attract the circumstances that surround those emotions (the new car, the new house, the new love of your life).

Remember to feel, name, and accept your “negative” emotions also.

Watch this fun little video about positive and negative emotions. I wrote the words and set them to the tune of the catchy song “Kokomo”, and my friends Randy and Apryl Jensen made the video for me.

You can download the positive and negative emotion lists from the link above also, to help you clarify your emotions and reap the benefits I described above.


Christopher Westra
Christopher Westra

Bio: Christopher is the author of “I Create Reality: How to Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires”.  He loves to read, write, create websites, and run up mountains for fun. Click here for a free video on Nine Manifesting Secrets and Tools



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